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What are the Music Trends that Drive SLOHS this year?


Music makes the soul happy. Photo collage courtesy of senior Erika Spargo. 

  Music has become more and more popular in this day and age, to the point where teens around the world and at San Luis Obispo High School listen to music almost every day. 

  People in the US spend 26.9 hours listening to music–in the car, going from class to class, exercising, doing homework, cooking or cleaning, with a group of friends, or to unwind from a stressful day. 

  There are different varieties of music that people are listening to: pop, country, rap, and some others that wouldn’t be expected.

Expressions interviewed current and former SLOHS students and staff members to see the different tastes people have. 

Expressions: What flavor is your taste in music?

Former SLOHS teacher John Franklin: I particularly like jazz and classical music, but also very much enjoy Scandinavian heavy metal.

Sophomore Gabe Jantos: I am a Swiftie.

Senior Sydnee Leonardo: Alternative or pop-rock.

2023 SLOHS graduate and band member of Georgey Sophia Campbell: Alt/indie rock and math rock.

2023 SLOHS graduate Aidan Rodriguez: My music taste makes me look like a forty-year-old dad trying to live the good ol days. That being rock, and a tinge of rap and indie.

Expressions: Why is music important?

Jantos: It’s a way to express yourself.

Leonardo: It acts as an outlet for relatability that might be difficult to pinpoint anywhere else.

Campbell: Music is a catharsis. It helps me regulate my emotions. Writing music helps me get my feelings out, especially. My best songs were written at my lowest points. 

2023 SLOHS graduate Jonathan Hernadez: It helps people through stuff [and] depression is one of the biggest parts because it can help calm [and] reduce anxiety and calm moodness. It’s a good distraction for studying or working. I think that’s what’s so great is the variety that you have throughout music and the different messages and rhythms. 

Expressions: If your music means so much to you, why?

Franklin: I’m an old rock fan, right? And then my dad was a big jazz fan, so I grew up with that. 

Jantos: It’s something I enjoy. It’s something to do when I have nothing to do or when I’m feeling down.

Campbell: Music always [has] always been a guiding light for me. Much of my music taste was developed by and with my Dad. He introduced me to my first few favorite bands (U2 and Stars), and most of my favorite bands today (the 1975 and American Football) are also his favorite bands.

Rodriguez: Most of the songs do mean a lot to me because it’s what helped build my personality and character. I had fun discovering my tastes and what I liked and do like.

Expressions: What got you into this kind of music?

Leonardo: I grew up listening to a band called The Head the Heart which is kind of alternative meets folk, so I’ve always loved that style of music. Recently, I’ve been listening to lots of music from Hozier and Fleetwood Mac.

Campbell: I would say it’s definitely mostly due to my dad, but I also definitely developed my own taste just based on what songs had the best lyrics, melody, and overall feeling.

Rodriguez: Some of the rock songs are songs my parents like. But the others are songs that I have a connection with either during an event or how I felt and can really get me in a mood and are fun to just sit down and listen to.

Expressions: How would your life be different if you didn’t have music?

Jantos: Be a lot more boring.

Campbell: I wouldn’t be me at all. I’m in a band so I’m pretty sure my identity would just be shot. Plus, I’ve centralized my entire identity around my music taste, so I think I’d be a shell of a woman.

Rodriguez: My life would be a whole lot different. How would I be able to tune out my professors? Or not be bored?

Hernandez: I think life would be so much different without music. Its use for many cultures and health problems. I think my life and everyone [else’s] life would be kinda bland.

Expressions: Why is music so great?

Leonardo: Having words and a melody already written down can help you process emotions in new ways that you may not have thought of before.

Campbell: The connection one can develop to a song. A great song will linger in your mind, inspire you in daily life, and make you feel something.

Expressions: What if music came to an end, what would be the last song you’d listen to? And why?

Jantos: “Long Live: by Taylor Swift.

Leonardo: “Winter Song” by The Head and the Heart. This has been my favorite song for a few years now and I think it’d be a peaceful one to listen to as a last goodbye to music.

Campbell: “Sex” by the 1975 because it’s been my favorite song for years and it carries a lot of nostalgic meaning. 

Rodriguez: “Sweet Child O’ Mine” easily.

Hernandez: “El Chamaquito” by Virlan Garcia, Angel Cervantes.

Expressions: Can you tell me about a time a song made you cry, and for what reason?

Jantos: “Happier” by Marshmello made me cry four years ago in the music video because the dog died, and that made me sad.

Leonardo: “Graceland Too” by Phoebe Bridgers, mostly because it reminds me of a certain period of my life that can be harder to talk about.

Campbell: The last time I cried was over a song the drummer of my band wrote because I had just recently been broken up with and emotionally cheated on and it hurt so hard. The line was “well I’m not yours forever, but I’ll think of you whenever” and I was driving home and I just broke down.

Rodriguez: One song made me cry because I was going through a tough breakup and I found myself really relating to the song and just burst into tears. And it felt great.

Expressions: Was there a song that made you happy?

Franklin: Anything. Anything Beethoven for sure. Especially Violin Concerto.

Leonardo: “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac because it feels very hopeful and positive whenever I listen to it, it always feels good.

Campbell: I just recently was listening to “Judy Garland” by Frog and I was literally dancing around my room. I was so giddy because it made me think of home and my current partner and how happy I am.

Rodriguez: “Sweet Child O’ Mine” easily.

  As Pablo Casals once said, “Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.”

  Get out there, Tigers, and enjoy music that makes you happy!


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