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SLOHS Athletics Need More Support!


  SLOHS athletes are working hard at what they love. Let’s pay more attention. Photo collage courtesy of senior Téa Fischer.

San Luis Obispo High School has been known to be a very spirited school when it comes to sports. Whether it’s football, volleyball, basketball, or even soccer. However, there are a few that aren’t supported by the student body: Softball, Track and Field, and Cross Country being those few. 

  Last season the SLOHS softball team won 25-3 against Morro Bay High School and no one cared. Also, the Track and Field team won CIF Champs for the past couple of years. Track won two years ago when SLOHS didn’t even have a track!

  “I think it’s not supported mainly because we aren’t as good as the other sports. Also, because no one really talks about the softball team, so people just don’t care as much about things they don’t know about,” said 2023 SLOHS graduate and first baseman Eva Machado.

  Softball is considered one of the hardest sports due to the different pitch and different reaction time the players have to the ball. It is scientifically proven that softball is harder than baseball. 

  “The players pour just as much love, if not more, as any other player from any other school sport. It would be nice to see that recognized just as much as football or volleyball or any other sport,” said 2023 SLOHS graduate and catcher Brielle Machado.

  Softball has been known to be hard to watch and slightly boring. It is also an all womens’ sport.

  “I understand softball is boring, but so is football and people always support football. I’ve gone to several of my sister’s games and no one is there,” said sophomore Sadie Fischer.

  Everyone thinks softball and baseball are the same, or relatively similar. Then why does one get less support than the other?

  “Softball nation-wide isn’t a sport that’s given very much attention. There is no major league softball and spectators for college games, while there, are far smaller than for any baseball game. I think this reflects the way softball is viewed at our school on a smaller scale.This frustrates me because no one knows how hard softball players work. These girls have been pushing themselves for hours everyday since they were little, getting up early and working until late, pushing through sickness and injury, juggling this sport with school and outside life, and generally making a lot of sacrifices. Softball culture is cutthroat and those who make it far display an incredible amount of dedication and resilience that gets little appreciation,” said Machado.

  It makes the players sad and not appreciated for doing something they’re passionate about. Not having support makes them lose interest, and ultimately causes them to question whether or not they should keep playing.

 “I’m a little disappointed because softball is something that I’ve been passionate about for several years, and I get that it’s not someone else’s passion too, but it would feel nice to feel that sport be supported,” said sophomore Scarlett Buatte.

  On the contrary, some think softball is supported.

  “Well, I think it’s supported. I mean look at the fields. There’s two softball fields and only one baseball field up at Taylor,” said SLOHS Principal Rollin Dickinson.

   Although this is true, it doesn’t mean they’re supported.

   “We are very low on the school’s radar, so things like advertisement for games, following up on our programs requests, and celebrating our program are only done by the school to a very small degree. For example, we need new helmets but have not gotten them for two years, whereas football gets brand new ones every year,” said Machado.

  According to Head Football Coach, Pat Johnston football does have to order anywhere from ten to twenty helmets every year.

  Track and Field get support, but not the same ways as softball.

  “I think people respect runners in the sense of they’re like ‘Oh, you’re crazy. I would hate to run for fun,’, so it’s not really supported through people showing up at meets. It’s more verbal support,” said junior Anja Reed.

  Watching Track and Field meets and Cross Country races can be hard to watch, but they still need that support.  Especially the seniors who are working harder and devoting a lot of time to something they love doing.

  “We do host one meet at Laguna Lake golf course on Saturday, October 28. It is a unique race where all athletes of any level  are all in the same race together. It is a fast course and would be a great event to see students show up and cheer us on. It also serves as our Senior Recognition meet, and I’m sure the seniors would enjoy some extra cheer,” said Cross Country Coach and Math teacher Jimmie Johnson.

 Americans have traditionalized football to be on Friday nights since, forever. Students always end up coming to volleyball games when there’s a “theme” and if the games are advertised. If the student body took these ideas and started planning now, we could help these athletes get the support they deserve. 


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