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The Art Department’s New Addition


New to San Luis Obispo High School this year, Art History and Ceramics teacher Amanda Eedle is already a favorite among her students. She brings a unique perspective on the world of art and makes each of her classes not only educational but also interesting. Expressions had the chance to interview Eedle about both her background and her love for art.

Expressions: How did you initially become fascinated with art?

Art History and Ceramics three Teacher Amanda Eedle: I think I have always been artistic, whether it was with my mixing of clothes as a small child, or drawing on the wall with crayon. As I got older I was lucky enough to get involved in many different art programs. I started with a fascination with fashion, I soon learned that I loved the drawing and designing element, but hated sowing. I then just started taking a large variety of art classes at a local arts center and loved them all. It was hard for me just to choose one medium; I enjoyed them all for different reasons. In high school art was my favorite class. I loved getting messy and experimenting. Art gave me so much personal enjoyment, when I was creating I was in almost another world, my own world. When I was deciding what I wanted to do in university I thought I might just study ceramics. One day I was talking with my art teacher and I was telling how I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study, I know I wanted to do something in the arts and she said that I should go to school to be an art teacher. I didn’t even think that was an area of study but the more I thought about it the more it sounded like the perfect fit for me. To spend my whole life giving young people the amazing experiences in art and developing students who loved creating sounded so fulfilling. And here I am.

Expressions: Has traveling influenced your love for art?

Eedle: Traveling from place to place allowed me to see such a variety of art and get exposed to different artistic cultures. It was also a high influence to me in high school and college when I was looking for inspiration for my art projects.

Expressions: Where did you learn most about art? From who?

Eedle: I learnt most from my local arts center in Dubai and then my classes at Syracuse and Columbia University. In university I was able to really develop my interest and voice as not only an educator but also an artist.

Expressions: How many years have you been teaching?

Eedle: This is my first year of full time teaching. I have done odd bits here and there but nothing consecutively.

Expressions: What do you feel is the best part about teaching here at SLOHS?

Eedle: The students. All of the students here are amazing! So intelligent and hardworking. It makes my job much easier when I know that all of you are on the other side. Then I would have to say the facilities. The ceramics room in particular is amazing. You never have that level of equipment in a high school. I did not have that equipment till I went to college!

Expressions: What is something no student at SLOHS knows about you?

Eedle: I have lived in 5 different countries and 3 different states. I was born in Bahrain, then we moved to Singapore, then to England (where my family is from), then to Connecticut, Dubai, then to New York and now California

Expressions: Who is your favorite artist?

Eedle: There are so many… but I definitely love Rothko.

Expressions: What do you want your students to walk away with when they leave your class?

Eedle: A love and appreciation of Art. I also want my students to learn to be critical of the visual world around them. By taking my class it is my hopes that they will be able opinionated leaders instead of passive observers

Expressions: What is one piece of advice you would give to students when it comes to high school and college, based off of what you have learned?

Eedle: Be yourself. Choose a major because you love it, not because you’re “suppose” to be something else. Because if you take classes in a major you love you will always be successful.

Expressions: Why should students take your classes?

Eedle: In my Ceramics three class we have such a great opportunity to really explore a more independent route. By taking Ceramics one and two you’ll already have the foundation of basic clay skills. This allows us to develop your artistic voice and make things that matter to you as a ceramics artist. This class really allows you to move past just learning basic skills and applying concepts to becoming a real-world practicing ceramics artist. In AP Art History we do an intensive investigation of all forms of art from prehistoric to contemporary. Our class is about formulating your opinions and supporting that with the visual evidence present in the artworks. Digging further into the deeper implications of the piece, and constantly asking, ‘why does this artwork matter?’ It is my hopes that students become critical of the images they not only see in our class but also out in their world. This class will make you much more observant, knowledgeable and effective in supporting your opinions.


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