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Music artist Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” just dropped. Here’s what SLOHS students think.


Fans are freaking out this week over Swift’s tenth album release. Photo courtesy of Beth Garrabrant.

Music artist Taylor Swift’s tenth album “Midnights” dropped last Thursday at 9 PM Pacific Standard Time, and fans have a lot to say about the highly anticipated album. It features 13 tracks, plus an additional seven tracks on “Midnights (3am Edition)”, with titles including “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” “Vigilante Sh*t,” and “Snow on the Beach (ft. Lana Del Ray).”

Expressions interviewed Taylor Swift fans to hear their reactions.

Expressions: There was a lot of anticipation leading up to this album release. Did it meet your expectations?

Senior Angela Perry: I didn’t really expect the style. I thought she was going to continue with the Evermore stuff. It caught me off guard in a good way. That said, I do like it.

Senior Owen Wells: It was okay. Honestly, it’s a little 50/50. I like a couple of songs and then a lot of them I don’t really love. I was hoping for some cool stuff, and she gave us a little bit, but nothing spectacular.

Junior Emma Jantos: I don’t think it met the exact expectations, because I didn’t know what to expect with Swift. She always has different genres and different moods, and so we didn’t really have any idea of what it was gonna be. I did know it was going to be good, and that met my expectations.

Expressions: Which song is your favorite? Why?

Perry: It varies every day, but right now it’s “You’re On Your Own, Kid. Especially with the bridge, it really makes me feel emotional. 

Wells: As of now, it’s “Maroon.” I’ve never really cared about the lyrics as much as the music. I like the way the song flows. 

Jantos: I really liked “Lavender Haze” because it brought me back to Lover and 1989 with the pop which we haven’t heard from her in a while. Of course I love the slower songs, but it’s nice to hear that again.

Expressions: Which song disappointed you the most? Why?

Perry: “Midnight rain.” I’m really sorry but I do not like the beginning part with the voice filter.

Wells: Honestly, I’ve only listened to the album once, so it’s kind of hard to name a title with a first impression.

Jantos: ‘Midnight Rain.” I was looking forward to that song. I love rain. My friends and I just looked at each other when it first started playing because we were so confused. We thought it was some male singing,and I didn’t even know what she was saying in it. I like the rest of it when she’s not using the filter, but I just don’t really understand those choices.

Expressions: What do you hope to see from Taylor Swift in the future?

Perry: A rock album. Alternative rock is what I really want from her, like the electric guitar type. I just want her to use real instruments again.

Wells: I hope she goes on tour and comes to San Luis Obispo. I’m also looking forward to the re-recordings.

Jantos: I’m looking forward to the re-recordings and what vault tracks are going to be on Speak Now.

While there are mixed reviews of Midnights, most can agree that Taylor Swift continues to create music true to her style, and fans look forward to her future endeavors.

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