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Let’s talk about religion at SLOHS


Every religion has a cool logo. Photo Illustration courtesy of senior Josiah McCarley.

San Luis Obispo High School has a large array of religious and nonreligious beliefs. Expressions Interviewed some students at slohs to see what they believed and why they believe it.

Expressions: What is your religion/belief?

Senior Zeshan Sajjad: I am a Muslim.

Sophmore Laird Anderson: I’m agnostic in my belief on religion meaning don’t believe you can know if there is god or not.

Senior Jenson Wright: I am a Christian.

Expressions: Why do you believe that?

Sajjad: I believe in this religion because of my background .

Anderson: I believe this because I wasn’t raised religious and my more logical self brought me to this belief 

Wright: Growing up in a Christian home, I have always lived with my faith placed solely in Jesus as my savior and have since seen His love and workings all around me. Whether seeing God’s work through the beauty of the world around us, or in the miracles that occur all the time in our own lives and the lives of those around us. The hope that Jesus provides is unlike anything else the world can offer, and so I strive to continue to pursue Him in all that I do.

Expressions: How has that shaped you as a person?

Sajjad: I think it’s helped me be a good/caring person.

Anderson: The extent to which it has shaped me is far less than that of somebody who believes in a religion. I wouldn’t say it makes me open to other religious ideas, but rather prevents me from ruling them out completely.

Wright: It has caused me to step back from the worries of this world, whether it be the everyday stresses of school or more serious issues in the world, and recognize that the Lord guides my steps and will never forsake me. I can live in the peace and love of Jesus that is so fulfilling and enriching everyday. It helps me to be kinder to those around me and love others as Jesus loves me, which can feel very rewarding. The core of my faith is love, and I have been able to walk in love daily and share that with people from all different walks of life, which has been a blessing.

Expressions: How would you describe your experience as a Christian at SLOHS?

Sajjad: I have no complications of being a Muslim, and I haven’t experienced any hate against me or racism.

Anderson: Atheist and agnostic views are very common in California and as a consequence, it is the norm and does not shape one’s experience much at SLOHS.

Wright: Despite a secular high school environment, I have been able to express my faith through outlets such as FCA and have had a positive experience as a Christian here at SLOHS.

Expressions: Anything you would want to share about your religion/belief?

Sajjad:  I don’t have anything to share.

Anderson: This is the most correct belief. Religion is an unknown, neither verifiable, nor falsifiable (although I would tend towards atheism) Agnosticism is therefore the only belief that is reflective of our knowledge and reality. 

Wright: I truly believe that it is important for Christians to walk through their faith together, wherever they are on their path, and so I am absolutely stoked to be involved with the leadership of SLO High’s FCA club this year where I have the opportunity to encourage others and be encouraged as well.

There are clearly diverse and varying religious/nonreligious views at SLOHS. Make sure to always be respectful of other students’ views to help maintain our diverse and tolerant campus. Don’t be afraid to ask other students about their views.

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