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Meet the first trimester Expressions News editors


What an amazing group of humans to work for. Collage courtesy of junior Alma Tinoco.

  Interviews, articles, putting words on paper and tormenting Expressions advisor and English teacher Scott Nairne; these are just a couple of things that San Luis Obispo High School’s newspaper team does behind the scenes.

Who are these mysterious editors who will have people pulled out of class and questioned for information this trimester? The people behind the pages have a voice too, so it’s time to ask questions to the people asking questions. 

  Expressions sat down with Expressions for a quick editor interview. 

Expressions: How long have you been in Expressions

News co-editor in chief and junior Karl Karsh: All three trimesters my sophomore year and this year, so about a little over a year.

News co-editor in chief and junior Erika Spargo: First and second trimester of last year, so about one school year.

Opinion co-editor and senior Jane Culbreath: This is only my second trimester ever.

Opinion co-editor and senior Owen Blackwell: I have been with Expressions since winter of last year and this is my second trimester.

Health & sports editor and sophomore Cate Tucker: I have been with Expressions for three trimesters now. I started my freshman year and now I am an editor my sophomore year.

Arts & Entertainment editor and senior Olivia Cusick: I did it last year, third trimester, because my friends and 2021 SLOHS graduates Sofi Shaw and Owen Spargo were in [newspaper] and I did it because they’re cool.

People & Culture editor and sophomore Addi Woods: This is my third trimester in newspaper and my second as an editor.

Expressions: What is your favorite thing about being in Expressions?

Karsh: I enjoy the community that Expressions has, I think a lot of different grades and different people come into this classroom and we’re all able to write articles about different things on different pages. I think that’s really cool. It’s really fun. I think it gets people who want to write about other things, but who also want to write about things that they’re interested in.

Spargo: I would say my favorite thing is that I get to express my opinion, especially when it’s controversial. 

Culbreath: I think that we’re a cool group of people who like to write cool things and have cool opinions. But really the editors are the best part of Expressions cause they’re super helpful and make you run smoothly.

Blackwell: I love how the class is self governing and the editors lead the newspaper.

Tucker: I really like how everyone wants to be in the class. Also it just has a good atmosphere, everyone is really nice.

Cusick: The people here are so much fun. I love writing and it’s such a great place to work on writing. I feel like my writing skills in my AP class have significantly improved from last year because of this class, because of how much writing I was doing. I actually really enjoy writing for this class compared to just writing an essay, and writing here feels like it has a reason and a meaning behind it, and it just makes you feel important. I’m talking about the problems that the school has, I could be making a change and I just love it. I really enjoy it.

Woods: I love how fun newspaper is, I always look forward to class.

Expressions: What is your opinion of Nairne? 

Karsh: I think Scotty Nairne is pretty cool. I think our adviser, Scott Nairne, is very qualified and I’m glad that he of all people is the newspaper advisor. I think he knows a lot about newspaper, he’s been in it for a couple years. I also think it’s cool that he’s an English teacher because that really helps with his leadership of everyone writing and their skills.

Spargo: Overall, I would rate him a 6/10 when it comes to being and advisor/teacher. I’m kidding, 9/10.

Culbreath: He’s great. He’s kind of confusing sometimes about directions. I was a little confused when I joined everybody for last trimester. Sorry Mr. Nairne.

Blackwell: Nairne is is one of the top 5 teachers at SLOHS, ever since freshman English every interaction I’ve had with him has been awesome.

Tucker: Kind of depends, but he has some SLAY moments.

Cusick: He’s great. I had him my freshman year during COVID-19 and I was terrified of him because everyone told me he was scary. Then I started taking this class last year and I realized, he’s this big goofball, teddy bear who’s just really fun to be around and a really fun teacher.

Woods: Scotty boy is the best, even when he calls me Addison.

  In the words of Nairne, “This year’s editorial team out of the gate is probably going to be one of the most unique and strong groups. It’s gonna be a fun one. Also, don’t call me Scotty, please.”

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