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SLOHS Tigers are using the summer as a work opportunity


Image courtesy of reporter Leanne Leichtfuss.

For many San Luis Obispo High School students, summer is the time to slack off and do nothing. Some Tigers, however, use summer as an opportunity to work.

There are many benefits to working during the summer. Having less time devoted to school allows students more time and options to work, and working as a teen can provide many benefits, such as money, personal connections, and valuable experience that will help prepare students for future jobs.

Working a summer job is, perhaps most importantly to the ones working, a great way to earn money-especially with California’s high 15-dollar minimum wage.

“I need that bank, bro. I want money, and also I have nothing to do with my life. So, I might as well like work and stay busy,” said sophomore Arely Perez, who has worked past summers at Laguna Grill and Taco Roco.

For senior Emily Niebuhr, who worked at the SLO Blues stadium and barbeque stand last summer and will be working there again this year, having a summer job isn’t all about money. A job can provide an enjoyable environment that allows for a great experience for both customers and workers.

“There was a really fun atmosphere, because you’re at a baseball game, and it’s in the evening, and you get to serve food to people,” said Niebuhr.

Another SLOHS Tiger who will be working this summer is sophomore Gwen Robinson, working at Mike’s Shoes and The Crushed Grape. 

“I like my job. I get, like, nice coworkers, and it’s a good working environment, so I’m not too upset about like, going to work. And I like getting paid,” said Robinson.

However, working a summer job as a teenager does have its downsides, including mistreatment from customers and the loss of freedom. For Perez and Robinson, the rude customers were the biggest issue. Retail workers are often subject to mistreatment from patrons, and it can definitely ruin an otherwise fine working experience.

“At the restaurant, it was kind of stressful. I cried on my first day. I missed this guy’s order, and then he yelled at me, and he was being very rude. Like, I’m sorry,” said Perez.

Another downside to a summer job is having to sacrifice your spare time, which could be spent in other ways.

“I think that getting a summer job is nice if you have extra time and you want a little extra money, but I wouldn’t say that you should get a job just for the sake of getting a job because you want to enjoy your life before you have to work,” said Niebuhr.

For many SLOHS tigers, working during the summer is a valuable experience, with its own unique upsides and downsides.

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