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SLOHS Band “Georgey” singer and Junior Sophia Campbell sits down for an interview


Photo Courtesy of junior Sophia Campbell.

  San Luis Obispo High School’s student band Georgey is three years old. Consisting of juniors Sophia Campbell, Holly Schmit, and Zoey Nielson, Georgey has performed at multiple venues on campus in the 2021 – 2022 school year, including SLOChella, Tigerfest, and SLOHS film festivals. About a year ago, Expressions had interviewed them. In one year, a lot has changed for this band. For more information about what has changed for Georgey, Expressions interviewed Georgeys singer Sophia Campbell

Expressions: What has changed since we last talked to Georgey?

Junior Sophia Campbell: When Georgey was first interviewed, we were all still in quarantine and we hadn’t even played together in over a year. Since that point, we’ve gotten together so much to work on playing music in-person, rather than just studio recordings.

Expressions: What was your favorite performance?

Campbell: I really loved all of our performances for different reasons. SLOChella was hard, but I think that was my overall favorite experience, to do the official soundchecks and be on the big stage. It felt like a real festival, which was really fun. 

Expressions: What was your first performance like?

Campbell: Our first performance is near and dear to my heart. We were so nervous and our big secret is that, before the show, we had never actually played all the way through our setlist. It was honestly a miracle that we made it 30 minutes without messing up. It was an absolutely transformative experience to see people who actually liked our music come and support us in person for the very first time. 

Expressions: What is the goal for the future?

Campbell: In the future, the dream is to make it big, but that’s probably unlikely. We just want to keep playing as many shows as we can and release more songs on Spotify and, you know, hopefully get signed. That would be pretty cool. 

Expressions: What is your next performance?

Campbell: We’re actually going to be apart for most of summer, so we won’t have another live performance for awhile, but we’re hoping to release some studio recordings and come back stronger than ever next school year. 

Expressions: How can SLOHS support you?

Campbell: SLOHS already supports us so much! Mr. Roper, Mr. Heimerdinger, ASB, and all of our friends have been so incredible to us this year at school and outside of school. 

  Follow Georgey on instagram @Georgeytheband for more information on what comes next for the band. 

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