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What are SLOHS students doing after school?


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 After a long, grueling day at school, most students at San Luis Obispo High School relish the few free hours of daylight after school. Expressions interviewed three busy students to find out more about their after school activities. 

Expressions: Where is your go-to hang out place after school?

Sophomore Ares Aguilera: My go to space is by the jazz band. It’s super fun to be listening to music while I work on schoolwork.

Senior Gus Stork: My go to hang out space after school is either the gym, the beach, or just my own house.

Junior Lucy Crew: Bishop’s peak hike or the gym! 

Expressions: Do you have a job? If so, how has it impacted your after school schedule?

Aguilera: I don’t have a job as of currently, but when I did it really had no major effect on my schedule. I worked on weekends, which was inconvenient but never affected my schoolwork.

Stork: I work at Giuseppe’s, and that takes up a lot of my time after school. I usually work 6-8 hour shifts after school, which limits my amount of free time.

Crew: Yes, I babysit or tutor children everyday after school, and work at Nate’s on Marsh Friday-Sunday, as well. It’s a lot to manage, but I make the most of any and all free time! School always comes first.

Expressions: What are your favorite places to eat at lunch or after school?

Aguilera: When I go off campus during lunch we go to the places nearby like Frank’s and Rite Aid and stack up snacks for later, and it’s always super fun even though we just go to places nearby. After school, I really like going to grab iced coffee and some food and Cool Cats has super great shakes and burgers.

Stork: At lunch my favorites are Santa Cruz Taqueria or California Fresh for quick food, or Firestone every once in a while if I want to spend a little bit more. Cork & Bottle Liquor store has great chicken strips too. 

Crew: Avila Market or Seeds.

Expressions: Have your after school activities changed with the ability to drive?

Stork: The ability to drive changed my after schools drastically. As soon as I got my license I got my first job, and I’ve been driving myself to work and to other activities ever since.

Crew: I cannot imagine life without driving now. I’m completely on my own with running errands, getting to work, the gym in Arroyo Grande, and everything else.

  Be it work or fun students engage in a wide variety of activities after school. With an easy and accessible downtown students have many opportunities to relax after school. 

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