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Pancakes or waffles, the age old conflict is decided


Photo courtesy of senior Riley Wilkerson.

  All San Luis Obispo High School(SLOHS) students are aware of the continuous breakfast debate: pancakes or waffles. 

  The answer is obvious.


  With these two foods dominating the breakfast scene, there is conflict arising over which is better. SLOHS Expressions sets out to find which breakfast food holds the favorite on campus. 

  “Waffles are much better because they are crispier and more flavorful. They are also more fun to eat,” said senior Makenna Siebenlist. 

  Other students agree with the assertion that waffles undoubtedly win this comparison. 

  “Waffles are better because they are crispier and taste better with whipped cream,” said senior Savannah Brewer. 

  Key variables in this discussion are the texture and the food’s compatibility with toppings. Due to the way waffle machines are designed and how the food is cooked, waffles are constructed perfectly to hold toppings while retaining firmness. 

  As stated, texture is a vital part of the breakfast experience. 

  “Waffles are the best because the texture and taste is better than pancakes,” said sophomore Myla Corey.

  Unfortunately, not all students agree with my opinion. 

  “I like pancakes better because when I was little my grandma would always make them for me and they go better with eggs and bacon than waffles,” said freshman Kylee Kurkeyerian.

  Other people on campus also wrongfully agree with Kurkeyerian. 

  “I prefer pancakes because they are fluffy,” said Athletic Director Marci Beddall. 

  Without a doubt, waffles win this competition always and forever. With that being said, it is fair to say everyone has their own preferences when it comes to breakfast. However, if you ever find yourself wanting to experiment with your morning meal, I guarantee waffles will surprise you. 

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