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This is Expressions Newspaper Adviser Scott Nairne’s first interview


Photo courtesy of senior Stella McSween.

 After the many years English teacher Scott Nairne has been in charge of Expressions, he had yet to have been interviewed.

“Why?” you may ask.

Well… I’m not entirely sure.

But now, finally, here is Nairne’s first interview.

Expressions: What has been an experience in Newspaper that has stood out to you?

Newspaper adviser, emotional support animal, and English teacher Scott Nairne: Watching students come into class, hating writing and clueless about the world. After they take Newspaper, ten to fifteen percent of them then like writing and know more about the world. Win!

Expressions: How did you come to be the newspaper teacher, what inspired you to take the position?

Nairne: Former newspaper adviser Pam Orth was a huge influence on my teaching. When she personally asked me to take over the newspaper, it was one of the best days of my career.

Expressions: What is your favourite part about being a Newspaper teacher?

Nairne: My favorite part about this class is the amount of information that students in the class teach me about the current reality of being a teenager. They are experts at it.

Expressions: What is your favourite class to teach and why?

Nairne: Personally, everytime I hear the bell ring to start a class, I am nervous and excited about that class.

Expressions: Why haven’t you been interviewed before? Has anyone ever been interested in interviewing you?

Nairne: I’m constantly pushing them to write about interesting people and events. So…

  You heard it here first folks; Nairne’s first interview. Just like he mentioned, if you are interested in getting a better perspective on writing and the world we live in, take newspaper!

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