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Tiger Talks is Back and Better Than Ever!


Photo courtesy of SLOHS ASB 

 Anyone who attended San Luis Obispo High School last year knows just how much Tiger Talks has influenced students around campus. Created by SLOHS graduate Ben Jackson, Tiger Talks was an innovative way to get students of all backgrounds involved with the school. Expressions sat down with ASB President Noah Clausen and senior Class Officer Uno Unemar to ask more in depth questions about the show.

Expressions: For anyone who is not aware on campus, what is Tiger Talks?

ASB President Noah Clausen: Tiger Talks is a social media talk show created by students at SLOHS intended to encourage school spirit and involvement from all types of students.

Expressions: What inspiration do you guys pull when creating each episode of Tiger Talks?

Senior Class Officer Uno Unemar: We ask around for good question ideas because we want input from the whole student body, and since many people watch the show, we want ideas for how to make the show as fun as possible. If you have any topics you would like to discuss in our upcoming episodes talk to me and Noah. We’d love to hear from you!

Expressions: What can SLOHS students expect from the show later on this year?

Clausen: Themed episodes to go along with spirit games, and to see many of your friends on the show. We will come up with new segments as the year progresses to keep things new, fresh, and interesting.

Expressions: Whatś different this year from last year’s Tiger Talks?

Unemar: We have a second anchor this year, we have a new video editor who works very hard to keep the episodes looking good.

Expressions: What does the behind the scenes process for the show actually look like? How long does it take to pull an episode together?

Clausen: We prep Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with questions. Filming is on Thursdays to prepare for weekly releases every Friday. With that being said, if you are hoping to be in an episode talk to me or Uno, or you might just get lucky when using the restroom during third period. The longest process is the editing done by cameraman and junior Jensen Wright. 

Expressions: So far which episode that you guys have filmed so far is your favorite?

Unemar: The one dropping this Friday, October 1, was a super fun one for us to film. Make sure to tune in, Tigers!

  Make sure to tune into ASB´s social media talk show Tiger Talks, which can be found every Friday on the ASB´s instagram page @slohsasb

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