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Why not use more Emojis?


Photo courtesy of freshman Phoebe Drazsnzak.

  Emojis are a favorite part of texting at San Luis Obispo High School because they are just plain fun. Texting is a more popular way of communicating, and students at SLOHS use texting as a part of their daily routines.

Regular texting can be boring. Emojis add emotion and a pop of color. Only 28 percent of people use emojis regularly, which is ridiculous. The other 72 percent must be people who don’t know how to use them, or people who think they are too mature for them [ insert smiley face emoji].

  “I like using emojis because they can lighten the mood in any text and help express and thought,” said freshman Leila Johnson.

  Emojis convey how a person is feeling through a silly little icon.

For example, “come here please[insert heart eyes emoji]”  is very different from “Come here please [mad face emoji].”

This is an obvious one. Students also have to be careful because some emojis have hidden meanings, such as the eggplant emoji.

Students wouldn’t want to text someone “Do you want to come over to my house for some [eggplant emoji]?” if you are making roasted eggplant pasta. 

Emojis can also change meanings.

Did students know that the poop emoji is really chocolate soft serve ice cream with eyeballs? As soon as it came out people misunderstood it to be the poop emoji, and it stuck.

  Expressions favorites consist of the heart eyes emoji and the loudly crying emoji because you can use them in so many situations. They provide a better way to show self-expression rather than just text-based texts. 

  There are about 1,000 emojis of people and over 150 varietes of the smiley face. Over 10 billion emojis are sent each day!

  There are thousands of emojis depicting different people, and things to represent what we use in our daily lives. So why not use them?

They are only a click away and are so much fun. [insert happy face emoji]

Source: zoominfo 

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