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Veteran Los Osos Middle School English teacher Lynnly Sainsbury becomes the New SLOHS English Teacher


Photo courtesy of SLOHS English teacher Lynnly Sainsbury

  As many San Luis Obispo High School students know, former ninth grade honors English teacher Mrs. Delmartini, retired at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. Welcome, Lynnly Sainsbury, the new ninth-grade English teacher. 

Expressions interviewed Sainsbury about her teaching career and her journey to get to English.

  Expressions: Where did you attend college and what did you study?

English Teacher Lynnly Sainsbury: I attended college at the University of Idaho, and I got a degree in business education and a minor in math. I actually really loved math which some people think is kind of weird with reading and writing. I got a master’s in business administration from Cal State, Stanislaus. So a long road to get to English.

Expressions: When and how did you first discover your love for English?

Sainsbury: I think it was when I was teaching at one school and the principal came up to me and said, You really need to become a writing teacher, it’s really important at our school. And so that set me on a path of like twenty20 years developing my skills as a writing teacher. Learning how to teach writing was really complex. So that has taken me to UCSB, to Oxford in England, to New York at Columbia University, and a bunch of other teachers’ classrooms to watch them. I just feel like I have all this knowledge that I’ve absorbed over these years that I’m really excited to share.

Expressions: How many years have you been teaching?

English teacher Lynnly Sainsbury: I have been teaching for 25 plus years. I started out as a high school teacher in Modesto teaching at Davis High School. I went to the junior college in Modesto for a year, moved to the Central Coast, and I worked in business for a while. I got back into teaching, and the last few years I’ve been at Los Osos middle school and now San Luis High.

Expressions: Who are some important people in your life?

Sainsbury: My two daughters and my husband are probably the most important people. I’m also a grandma, but my family is super important to me. I just look to them for support and kindness, so I really value my family.

Expressions: Where have you taught before?

Sainsbury: I think the best experience that I can talk to you about is when I was in high school before. I taught juniors and seniors, and it was a specialized program to help them get jobs, and teach them small business management. That experience just helped me desire to get back with high school kids again. So that’s the experience I kind of lean on right now.

Expressions: Have you taught any other subjects besides English?

Sainsbury: Yes, I actually taught marketing and fashion design, then I taught English. I just found that my passion was teaching writing as well as those other subjects. Business is great, but I really love helping writers develop at young adolescent ages, it’s super fun.

Expressions: What’s been different about teaching at SLOHS compared to your other teaching experiences?

Sainsbury: The students are awesome. I’m completely impressed with the different quality of students. They are not only tremendous academically, but they are also kind, thoughtful, and helpful. It’s just a joy to come to work every day because of them.

Expressions: What are your hobbies outside of school?

Sainsbury: Outside of school, I love theater. I am supporting Ms. Even in the club because I really love theater. I love movies, I love reading books (not surprisingly), and I am a runner. I run on the weekends and try to get in like three miles every day. 

Expressions: Alright, and is there anything else you would like SLOHS to know about you? 

Sainsbury: Oh, just go Tigers! It’s a great school. 

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