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Let’s dump CRINGE Culture


This made fun of cultural Photo Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

San Luis Obispo High School students participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and hobbies, however some are not as socially accepted as others. 

Students who participate in sports or ASB really aren’t judged or condemned for what they love to do.  

However, those who are more passionate about more niche subjects or activities  are often made fun of  because they don’t fit into what others see as “normal”.

Often these people can be more vulnerable to “cringe culture” which is essentially collectively making fun of people for the harmless activities they enjoy.

This needs to end.

People should be allowed to do the things they want and be passionate about what they love without being subject to unnecessary bullying. 

“Although it may have begun as playful teasing, I feel as if cringe culture has evolved into blatantly making fun of peoples’ interests, appearance, actions, and personality. In general, I think cringe culture has changed for the worst and forsaking another person’s feelings for a quick laugh is not okay,”  said junior Arantxa Covarrubias.

But it’s not just hobbies that can be considered “cringe”. 

“Anything anyone does can be considered cringe. I remember in middle school when putting effort into classes and grades was considered cringe so I would downplay my achievements and scores in order to avoid the bullying. Although cringe culture often comes from a place of jealousy and insecurity, for adolescents who have just stepped foot into society and are desperate to be accepted it can be detrimental to their confidence,” said Covarrubias. 

As more and more people are made insecure about things in their life, it makes them more likely to participate in cringe culture, creating a larger and even more parasitic problem. 

Some people see cringe culture as necessary for controlling people they don’t deem fit for existing as they are in society.

One common example is cosplayers. People tend to make fun of cosplayers because they see it as adults or teenagers dressing up and acting like children. In reality, cosplays have a lot of craftsmanship and time devoted to them.

Cosplayers are some of the most creative and handy people someone could encounter, and yet they’re still relentlessly made fun of for a harmless activity.

But, why? Why should people be made fun of for something they genuinely enjoy?

We need to fight against those who continue to project their own insecurities onto others. 

I call for the destruction of cringe culture.

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