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What’s trending on TikTok for SLOHS students?


Photo courtesy senior Jayda Monreal’s TikTok profile

  As TikTok slowly rises to the rank of the mainstream-teen’s-primary-entertainment-source, the app itself is starting to evolve into its own microcosm of society.

The different “sides” of TikTok are named after what the content is based around: examples include Straight TikTok, the umbrella term for content centering around dancing trends; Alt TikTok, another umbrella term that encompasses most of TikTok’s comedic content; Male Manipulator TikTok, a community that exists to satirize the “male manipulator” stereotype ie. a die-hard Radiohead fan; or Gay TikTok, a community made up of creators and consumers watching/producing “made by LGBTQs for LGBTQs.”

  With the blossoming of these communities and the limitless creativity they create comes trends that can span across sides or stick within one.

Expressions interviews some of San Luis Obispo High School’s TikTokers to find out what side(s) they find themselves on and what their favorite trends are.

  “I’m on this weird mix of Music, Film, and Gay TikTok,” said senior Carmen Silver.

  Silver is not alone, as it seems most TikTokers these days find themselves on the much more entertaining Alt TikTok. 

  “My For You Page is kind of all over the place, but I’d say I’m on the Indie/Film/Theatre/Astrology side of TikTok,” said senior and seasoned TikToker Jayda Monreal.

  Both Monreal and Silver also commented on how wonderful these TikTok communities are, especially in the age of COVID when gathering a community together in-person isn’t really possible.

  “I like that people are coming together and bonding over their interests, it’s hard for people to get out and hang with others because of COVID so it’s nice to see that people are finding ways to stay social even under these conditions,” said Silver.

  As for their favorite trends, Monreal’s and Silver’s preferences were different because of the difference in what side of TikTok they found themselves on.

  “It’s not really a trend per se, but I like how there are so many TikToks about zodiac signs right now. Those are always entertaining,” said Monreal.

  While Monreal focuses more on the applications of astrology in everyday life, Silver focuses on the trends that resonate most with her.

  “‘I can’t talk right now, I’m doing hot girl s—.’ I think it’s entertaining the idea of ‘hot girl s—’ being crying into one’s pillow and listening to Mitski. That is relatable, as the kids say,” said Silver.

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