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Back to school January 21. What do SLOHS students think about returning?


Photo illustration courtesy Celia Lober

  After starting the year virtually, San Luis Obispo High school is preparing to make the move back to in-person, on campus learning. Though a majority of staff prefer not to return on campus, it has become clear throughout the year that distance-learning lacks much of the interaction needed for effective instruction. 

  January is approaching, so Expressions interviewed students about how they feel regarding the inevitable return to campus and whether or not they think it will last.

Expressions: Are you excited about returning in person? If not, how do you feel?

Sophomore Charlotte Sawyer: I’m excited to go back to school and see everyone. I’ve really missed the social aspect of school.

Senior Bautista Maximiliano Guerrero: I cannot express enough how much I hate online learning. Every day I make the journey from my bed to my desk to sit in front of zoom for hours on end, only to do the same exact thing the day after that. I miss the side conversation and inside jokes with teachers and that class that isn’t possible through zoom. While I do have some concerns about my health and safety, I think my mental sanity outweighs these worries. 

Freshman Skylar Navarro: Yes and no. Yes because I’ll get to meet new people but no because things just aren’t going to be the same. 

Sophomore Lindsay Smith: I’m super excited, online school really is just not it for me, so I really want to go back in person. Although I’m excited about the idea of it, the logistics seem super hard and I only want to go back if it is one hundred percent safe.

Freshman Mox Burnham: I personally don’t like us going back to school so early. I feel that it will add a bunch of stress, and it is hard to concentrate while wearing a mask and having to worry about COVID-19 restrictions.

Expressions: Do you think it’s safe to go back to school? Have you seen any community happenings that make you feel safer or more unsure about going back to school?

Sawyer: I’m a little nervous about returning to school because I don’t know if masks will be enforced, but would hope that everyone would wear one regardless. I think it should be safe as long as everyone remains mindful of the importance of social distancing and protecting yourself with a mask. 

Guerrero: While I know that I will be complacent with social distancing, mask-wearing, and handwashing I worry that others will not take the same precautions as I have. I also worry about others who might be reckless outside of school hours and possibly infect myself and other students who are cautious. 

Navarro: I think it’s safe to go back because there will be requirements and certain things that will ensure that we are safe; such as masks and distancing.

Smith: Right now it really is not safe. There are a ton of cases in San Luis Obispo and we are in our second or third wave depending on how you look at it. There’s a lot going on that makes me feel unsafe about going back to school. If we just fully shut down for like two months or something I think I would feel a lot better going back.

Expressions: Do you have anything else to add about the plan to return to school?

Guerrero: No neck gaiters. People seem to favor these ugly “masks” for their ease of use and comfort, but they really don’t protect yourself or others. A neck gaiter is meant to allow people to easily breathe through, so as a form of prevention of droplets from being spread, they really are not anywhere near effective as a mask. I would like to see the school implement a ban on these “masks” if a return to school occurs. 

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