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Drag makeovers can help people improve their daily makeup routine


Photo Illustration courtesy of  junior Linnaea Marks

As media coverage continues improving, representation of minorities brings more diverse art forms into mainstream culture. One form of expression that is inspiring more and more people today, including students at San Luis Obispo High School, is drag. Drag queens have been underrepresented for far to long and are only recently being credited for their work. 

  One aspect of drag as an artform is the amazing ability to transform a face into that of a different person with makeup. These skills and strategies result in an impressive makeover that changes facial structure and appearance entirely. While this looks fantastic on a drag queen, the same tips and tricks should be learned by everyone ever interested in improving their makeup routine.

  Senior Aaron Norris, an aspiring makeup artist, sees makeup as an art form.

“While the quote unquote intent of makeup is to make oneself more glamorous or ‘desirable/attractive’ I don’t think it should be viewed as such because nobody needs to be more beautiful than they already are,” said Norris. 

  The genderbending and androgyny of drag teaches that makeup isn’t meant to improve the way someone looks; it’s about escapism and expression. It’s important to incorporate the fun and the art that makeup has evolved into in everyday life, whether that’s trying out a colorful graphic liner or just trying out a new shade of lipstick.

  Additionally, drag makeup can help a person discover what shapes and angles look best on them.

Contouring is a huge aspect of drag that completely sculpts the jawline and cheekbones, and different angles of contouring work differently on each person.

Eyebrows are extremely important in a drag look, and everybody has a specific brow shape that’s best for them.

Baking, the use of setting powder sitting on highlighting areas of the face, can be incorporated in everyday makeup to both smooth out skin and help makeup stay put all day.

By experimenting with different drag looks, people can find what contouring and brow shape they prefer, overall improving their makeup routine.

  The most important thing to learn from drag makeup is the history and culture of drag.

“If you can take one thing away from drag makeup and the community is that drag is not about makeup or changing yourself, it’s about feeling good and having fun” said Norris, “But just as important is to accept all points of view and everyone. Drag culture can tell you so much about LGBTQ+ history.”

It’s important to learn about the history and impact of minority groups. Exploring Drag, whether it be makeup or costumes or hair, helps get people one step closer to embracing drag as an art form.

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