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Student Petition precedes loss of the Trimester at SLOHS for 2020/21 school year


The following letter was sent to San Luis Obispo High School Principal Leslie O’Connor and San Luis Coastal Unified School District Superintendent Eric Prater.

20 July 2020

Dear Dr. Prater and Mr. O’Connor,

We write to you as students from San Luis Obispo High School who are deeply committed to ensuring all students receive a valuable education. On July 16, 2020, the district decided to adopt the semester system at San Luis Obispo High School this school year in order to align San Luis Obispo High School’s school calendar with that of other schools in the district. The semester system would require students to take six classes per day instead of five, two trimester long classes (ie. English) would be two semesters long instead, and athletics would be considered extra-curricular rather than an elective.

All of us agree that we prefer the trimester system we have been using. We like the rigorous and fasted paced classes that allow us to learn a full year’s worth of material in two trimesters, giving us more opportunities to take electives. On the new semester system, we would have almost all core classes (ie. English, science, math, history, language, and PE (Physical Education)), leaving no space for electives in our schedules. While these core classes are extremely important, electives are often overlooked. Electives give students an opportunity to learn more about themselves and the world through hands-on activities, allowing them to study new topics and learn valuable life skills. Specifically, electives zero in on topics that an English or science textbook does not adequately teach. On the trimester system, we would only be taking two trimesters of each course, giving us more opportunities to take electives that are specific to our career goals, thus preparing us for the workplace.

In addition, many universities such as Cal Poly are on a quarter system, similar to the trimester system; therefore, the trimester system better prepares students for college life. Since the trimester system is twelve weeks instead of eighteen weeks, it teaches students not to procrastinate and manage their time effectively.

From an athletic standpoint, student athletes all prefer having their sport fifth period. For example, during second trimester, spring sport athletes would have homework for their five classes in addition to two hours of practice after school and morning practice as well. During the third trimester, sports were during fifth period and those athletes only had four classes to worry about. This allows student athletes to allocate more time to their sport and focus on studying for their academic classes. Being able to practice during the school day would help reduce the amount of stress on scholar athletes, as they would not have to stay up as late doing homework. In addition, many sports competitions take place during the week; therefore, many student athletes leave after lunch to compete. By having sports be considered an elective, the student athletes would only be missing one academic class instead of two. However, the semester system would force all sports to take place after school, intensifying the stress scholar athletes need to cope with.

On July 20, we learned that CIF announced all sports will be played between December and June of this academic year, and the seasons will be split into two sessions rather than three. With this new change, it would be fitting to have session 1 athletes enroll in their sport second trimester, and session 2 athletes enroll in their sport third trimester, as the trimester schedule closely aligns with CIF’s tentative schedule. The trimester system would give two sport athletes the opportunity to play both of their sports while also allocating enough time for academics.

While doing a sport is a privilege, through participation in a team sport, athletes learn the values of good communication, dedication, time management and team building. In addition, it takes a commitment to be a scholar athlete and over time, athletes gain an understanding that hard work leads to success. These skills learned on the field transfer to the classroom, ultimately leading to improved grades and heightened academic performance. On the trimester system, student athletes must juggle all of the stresses and work other students face; but being able to train during the school day and have one less academic class to worry about alleviates the workload on scholar athletes. However, the semester system would put student athletes at a disadvantage as they would be dedicating over ten hours per week outside of the school day to their sport, in addition to time spent doing homework for their six classes. While at this point in time high school sports are on hold, when student athletes resume their sport and in person learning, the pressure of balancing academics and athletics would be strengthened.

The trimester system puts students on a more academically rigorous schedule while ensuring students and athletes receive a more personalized education specific to their interests and career goals. As students, we had no say in the decision to adopt the semester system – a decision that directly affects our education. We are discontent with the lack of communication between students and administration. While it is understandable that San Luis Obispo High School would like to align their school calendar with other schools in the district this year as distance learning will be continued through winter break, we do not feel this new change to the semester system is beneficial to our education. Already, this new form of online learning combined with stresses from the pandemic are negatively impacting our learning. An additional change that would impact athletics, graduation requirements and much more, that students have not been notified about, is only intensifying the pressure students are facing as we approach the upcoming school year. WE ARE ASKING YOU TO RECONSIDER THE DECISION TO ADOPT THE SEMESTER SYSTEM AND KEEP THE TRIMESTER SYSTEM, based on input from students, families, and staff.

Additionally, we are writing to you to ask for extensive written clarification on what school and athletics will look like under this new system. As students, we have received no emails this summer from San Luis Obispo High School nor San Luis Coastal Unified School District. It is not fair to us to have to sit through three hour long board meetings in an attempt to gain a view of what school will be like during the 2020-2021 school year. This would have been good information to know before we registered for our classes and we believe more communication with students is needed so we know what to expect this upcoming school year. These past few months have been very stressful with COVID-19, and the lack of information we are getting combined with these unexpected changes are only making things more stressful than need be.

We request clear communication to students outlining what the 2020-2021 school year will look like and the decision to adopt the semester system be reconsidered based on input from students.


1. Emily Pan, Sophomore
2. Lucille Reed, Sophomore
3. Emma Jantos, Freshman
4. Emily Niebuhr, sophomore
5. Madeline Shannon, sophomore
6. Kylee McNabb, sophomore
7. Katya Harris, Sophomore
8. Holly Schmitt, sophomore
9. Enrique Ernstrom, sophmore
10. Mary Zawalick, Sophomore
11. Matt Horn, Sophomore
12. Josiah McCarley, sophomore
13. Julia Bellardo, Sophomore
14. Gwendolyn Brussel, sophomore
15. Ashley Sirois, Sophomore
16. Dawn Sirois, Parent
17. Faith Frederick, Junior
18. Isabella Nino de Rivera, Sophomore
19. Brinley Ewen, Sophmore
20. Adamaris Rojas Oritz , sophomore
21. Preston Sirois, Parent
22. Amanda Ardantz, Senior
23. Adamaris Rojas, sophomore
24. Sophia Liu, sophomore
25. Bonnie Smith, Community Member
26. Diego Freeman-Garcia, sophomore
27. Eleanor Mann, sophomore
28. Karsyn Diesta, Sophomore
29. Grace Greenelsh, senior
30. liz evans, sophmore
31. makena swithin, sophomore
32. Broderick Hill, shophmore
33. Rodica Caprau, Junior
34. Morgan Mosichuk, Junior
35. Chloe Dow, sophomore
36. Kai Matson, Junior
37. Nico di Santo, sophomore
38. Holly Speake, 8th Grade
39. Jared Treichler, sophomore
40. Pierson Kromhout, sophomore
41. Talia Zundel, Sophomore
42. Katharine Karleskint, Sophomore
43. Sophie Pettis, sophomore
44. Matthew Davi, Sophomore
45. Brandon Jensen, Sophomore
46. Shawn McNabb, parent
47. Matthew Hartford, sophomore
48. Kylie Meas, Sophomore
49. Annika Ernstrom – Senior
50. Owen Blackwell, sophomore
51. Calianna Fritch-Armstrong, junior
52. Cole Ragsdale, sophmore
53. angie perkins, sophomore
54. Zachary Hill, Senior
55. Leili Nelson, sophomore
56. Xiaomin Jin, parent
57. Kathryn van Lingen, Senior
58. Rodica Caprau, Junior
59. Gabby Worden, Sophomore
60. Kayla Crosno, Sophomore
61. Katelyn Goldsmith, Sophomore
62. Sofia Latta, junior
63. Elia Kim, Sophomore
64. Maria Chechopoulos, Alumni
65. Nathan Danner, senior
66. Wesley Morgan, senior
67. Morgan Hunting, senior
68. Benjamin Handy, senior
69. Kai Wikler, Sophomore
70. Corey Albright-Juarez, Senior
71. Sonja Cowgill, Senior
72. Kai Uyeda, senior
73. Isaac Garcia, senior
74. Olivia Cusick, Sophmore
75. Olivia Cisneros, Senior
76. Marguerite Zuniga, Senior
77. Vivian Swenson-Ruiz, senior
78. Carmen Silver, Senior
79. Alina Jacinth, senior
80. Kelly Miller, Senior
81. Kaylie Hall, senior
82. Francine Pojas, Senior
83. Matthew Johnson, Senior
84. Ashton Todd, stuent
85. Laura Cubanski, Senior
86. Diana Fuchs, Alumni
87. Zachary Zang, senior
88. Oscar Castillo, junior
89. Jane Culbreath, Sophmore
90. Henry Crew, Sophomore
91. Mia Fraysier, sophomore
92. Kaia Blackwell, Sophomore
93. Rachel Morgan , parent
94. milla rucks, sophomore
95. Landen Allison-Bullock, sophomore
96. Jonah Shin, Senior
97. Danica Hergenroeder, Senior
98. Ian McKay, senior
99. Jackson Stitt, freshman
100. Karna Stitt, parent
101. Isabella Osgood, senior
102. Helen Ringley, Senior
103. Gus Ringley, Sophomore
104. Zac Oates, sophomore
105. Nicholas Bircher, senior
106. Trish Ringley, parent
107. Maggie McKay, Freshman
108. Madison Ptacek, Sophomore
109. lucy shrubb, freshmen
110. Lindsay McKee, Junior
111. Payton Pinckert, Freshman
112. Christian Cuevillas, Sophmore
113. Grisha Dekhtyar, Junior
114. Alejandra Pinzon-Betancourt, Alumni
115. Claire Hughes, senior
116. Mary Pinzon-Betancourt, Alumni
117. rebecca mckee, freshman
118. annabelle demarest, sophomore
119. solen bourroux , student
120. Christopher Jewell, Junior
121. Jerilynn Campbell, parent
122. Katie Sokolowski, Freshman
123. Siena Boscaro, freshman
124. Alexis Sargenti, Sophmore
125. Sage Lindvall, sophomore
126. Makenna Siebenlist, junior
127. Stephanie Hunting, Parent
128. Tanner Van Brasch, Senior
129. Trish Ringley, parent
130. Miley Rosecrans, Junior
131. alexis haas, senior
132. Perla Reyna, Senior
133. Meili Laiho, senior
134. Charlotte Bigler, junior
135. Savannah Forsythe, junior
136. Kaedin Bryan, student
137. Baden Ewen, junior
138. Ulibeth Avila, Junior
139. Zoey Nielsen, Sophmore
140. Audie Stevens, Junior
141. Holly Roberts, junior
142. Charlie Jansen, Junior
143. Erin Garnsey, sophmore
144. Gannon Gibson, senior
145. Alexandra Prodanav, senior
146. Rozy Jones, junior
147. Clara Landeros, sophomore
148. Hari Mistry, Sophomore
149. Jared Treichler, sophomore
150. ben watkins, junior
151. Aeven sylvester, junior
152. Gaylynn kirn, sophomore
153. Avery Machamer, sophomore
154. Alex Warden, Junior
155. Jack O’Brien, Senior
156. Rowan Norby, sophomore
157. Nate Browning, Sophomore
158. avery weeks, sophomore
159. Davin Laiho, Freshmen
160. Lucas Koch, Junior
161. Brennan LePage, Junior
162. Sanjay Sreejith, senior
163. Sophia Lea, Junior
164. Lauren Anderson, Junior
165. Max Threlkel, senior
166. Luke Holland, junior
167. Marisa Lea, senior
168. Sasha Sheridan, senior
169. Sam O’Sullivan, Junior
170. berlyn ellsworth, Junior
171. Nathanael Severn, Junior
172. Nina Moutafov, Freshman
173. William Holton, sophomore
174. Lauren Horsley, Senior
175. Emilie Giannini, Senior
176. Brittney Sagredo, Junior
177. Braidon Stewart, Junior
178. Bridget Tuohy, junior
179. Lizette Crooks, Senior
180. Gabriel Irwin, Junior
181. Lucy Moseley, Sophomore
182. Thomas Byde, sophomore
183. Jovanni Rodriguez, Junior
184. Lucy Crew, Sophmore
185. Ashley Danner, alumni
186. Ainsley Stephens, freshmen
187. Mia Jess, Sophomore
188. Carys Villani, softmore
189. Collin Santoyo, Senior
190. Katie Sokolowski, Freshman
191. Anthony Man, Senior
192. Chancellor foster, sophomore
193. Jennifer Michel, sophomore
194. rebecca mckee, freshman
195. Joseph Castillo , alumni
196. Owen Wells, Sophomore
197. Fiorela Echano, senior
198. Lily Rogers, sophomore
199. Jahan Ramezani, Senior Class of 2020
200. Camryn Kay, Senior
201. Logan Blackwell, Alumni
202. logan johnson, sophomore
203. Savanna Henderson, sophomore
204. Ava Karp, Senior
205. Gabriel Mack Garcia, sophomore
206. emma stoudenmire, junior
207. Jen Rucks, parent
208. Mae Cubanski, Freshman
209. June McIvor, parent
210. Anakoni Berger, Senior
211. Brooklyn Powers, Sophomore
212. Ronan Biggs, sophomore
213. Aiden McGuire, sophomore
214. Celia Lober, Senior
215. Michael Berger, parent
216. Autumn Wozniak, Alumni
217. Paul Miser, Sophomore
218. Aubrey O’Leary, freshman
219. Marcus Rudnick, Sophmore
220. Emily Hamilton, parent
221. Hayden Ventrella, Senior
222. Cooper Groshart, sophomore
223. Jake Shin, righetti student, junior
224. Liberty Massman, Junior
225. Chris Dzukola, Alumni
226. Hanna Jorgensen, senior
227. Lil Daane, Junior
228. Ryan Schisler, junior
229. Nick Massman, parent
230. Nathan Durrant, Junior
231. Jasmine Riffle, junior
232. Ellery Yasumoto, Senior
233. Nivashini Saravanakumar, junior
234. Cherie Dart, Parent
235. Katie Sokolowski, Freshman
236. Siya Ranat, Junior
237. Victoria Amaya, Senior
238. Emily Sincoff, freshman
239. Paris Uhler, Junior
240. Dominick Harris, Sophomore
241. Malia Maire, Junior
242. Mikayla Maire, Junior
243. Jake Maire, Freshman
244. Ashley Picasso Ramirez, Junior
245. Kalani Ruiz, Junior
246. Brian Jones, Senior
247. Iain Van Kleeck, Sophomore
248. Owen Moseley, senior
249. Madeline Larrimore, Senior
250. McKenna Kasselman, Senior
251. Isabella Hoffmann, senior
252. India Drazsnzak, Junior
253. Doreen Kasselman, parent
254. Karen Rumore, parent
255. Eric Hoffmann, parent
256. Evan Sosa-Hammond, Junior
257. Leslie Galicia, Junior
258. Owen Pearson, Sophomore
259. Ava Jacobs, sophomore
260. Daniel Owens, junior
261. Logan Hernandez, Senior
262. Alex Goodman, Graduate Class of 2020
263. Sophia Campbell, sophomore
264. Ryana Richards, Senior
265. Katerina Edwards, sophomore
266. Julia Minicucci, senior
267. Gavin McDiarmid, Junior
268. Floricel, parent
269. Vivian Man, parent
270. Gary smith, parent
271. Oswaldo, parent
272. Sydney Sharp, junior
273. Sufyan Sajjad, senior
274. Isaiah Bueno, Junior
275. Natalya beck, junior
276. Stella McSween, junior
277. Dylan Hosn, Freshman
278. Natalie Hosn, Freshmen
279. Patty Flores, Parent
280. Emery Marroquin, Sophomore
281. Sonja Lundquist, Freshman
282. Kai Winstead LeRoy, Junior
283. Michelle Lea, parent
284. Jennifer Kinsey, Alumni
285. Emmit Bowers, Senior
286. Danny Moollor, Junior
287. Audrey Drenckpohl, freshman
288. Sophie Beaton, Senior
289. Zoe Elliott, Freshman
290. Samantha Cusick, Sophomore
291. Elizabeth Stulberg, Senior
292. Dylan Koch, Freshman
293. Emma Galambos, alumni
294. Nicholas Chaves, Junior
295. Laura Cooper, parent
296. Niko Čimbur, Junior
297. April Engelmeier, Senior
298. Maggie McKay, Freshman
299. Aiden O’Leary Senior
300. Grace Rubio, senior
301. Coco Steel, senior
302. Helen Hoadley, senior
303. Angelica Gonzalez, Junior
304. Ellie Pearson, sophomore
305. Emily Gardner, senior
306. Bryce North-Wilson, Senior
307. Dakota Margason Senior
308. Tom Morgan, Parent
309. Violet Emerson, Junior
310. Vanessa Castrejon, Senior
311. Luke Reiss, sophmore
312. Mox Burnham, Freshman
313. Martin Nelson, Senior
314. Ernie Kim, parent
315. Heather Diesta, parent
316. Doris Kim, parent
317. Mackenzie Nguyen, junior
318. Isabella Bonini, junior
319. Talia Doane, Junior
320. Brian Vormbaum, Junior
321. Nicole LePage
322. Ojanni Lopez junior
323. Sam S, junior
324. andrea finn, junior
325. Evan Clausen, senior
326. Ayden Kim, Junior
327. Lucas Waggoner, senior
328. Amir Stratton senior
329. Anthony mulay, senior
330. Katie Moersdorf, senior
331. Ari Maksoudian senior
332. Victoria Stulberg, Senior
333. Ava Buschur, Junior
334. Cassidy Thomson, junior
335. Jillian Cupernell, Alumni
336. Isaac Rudnick, Senior
337. Quin Danciart, Senior
338. Kristina Berger, parent
339. Grace Smith, Sophomore
340. Riley Wilkerson, Juinkr
341. Amalia Eulate, Senior
342. Sierra Kabaker, junior
343. Olivia Greenelsh, Sophomore
344. Allison Dierks, senior
345. Mike Cockslong, Senior
346. Olivia Huff, junior
347. Nikolas Perez, Junior
348. McKenna Kasselman, senior
349. Elle Jensen. Sophomore
350. Hannah Stephens, Junior
351. Will, parent
352. Nayah Holmes senior
353. Penelope DellaPelle, Senior
354. Leo Maksoudian, junior
355. Mikayla Maire, Junior
356. Hilary Goldsmith, Parent
357. Savannah Brewer- junior
358. Jill Goldsmith, Senior
359. Clay Bitler. Sophomore
360. Sydney Yeager, junior
361. Ian Hammons, junior
362. Casandra Monroy
363. Taryn Lonsbrough, Junior
364. Max Templin, Junior
365. Tasha Steinmaus, senior
366. Ayden Kim, Junior
367. Avery White, sophomore
368. Nicolas Pittarelli Junior
369. Reece Candaele, senior
370. Sasha Allen, Junior
371. Missi Allison-Bullock, parent
372. Cade medrano, community member
373. LeeAnn Moore, Junior
374. Litzy Ramirez, senior
375. Benjamin Torres, senior
376. Nate patague, senior
377. Malia Maire, Junior
378. Cypris Hogan, senior
379. Xue Paape, Senior
380. Ella Butterfield, Junior
381. Cecilia Chao, senior
382. Jackson Gomes, Senior
383. Elijah Lynch, Senior
384. Meily Mounts, Senior
385. courtney bloomstine, senior
386. Melanie Castillo, Senior
387. Milana mounts, junior
388. Jack Walter, Senior
389. Avery Quinn, senior
390. Tessa Moore, senior
391. Jullisa Cruz, Senior
392. aaliyah beck, senior
393. Gabriella Orozco, alumni
394. Seamus Cappellano, senior
395. Gianna Lucchesi, senior
396. Zoe Bumen, senior
397. Christian clegg, alumni
398. Bella Garritano, Alumni
399. Camden Lunceford, junior
400. Marcy Rourke, parent
401. Sara McDonald, senior
402. Lisa Winick, parent
403. Bryson Jakins, Junior
404. Michelle Hernandez, Senior
405. Asher Bryson, Sophomore
406. Genevieve Dandurand, Senior
407. Landen Williams, Senior
408. olivia maxie, sophomore
409. Emilia Gambucci, Junior
410. Victoria S. Dandurand, Parent
411. Tania Zamora, Sophomore
412. Olivia Greenelsh, Sophomore
413. Monet Newton, sophomore
414. Kaitlyn Waller, Sophomore
415. Victor Torres, sophomore
416. Rosa Cassandra Santana, Sophomore
417. reggie miller, sophomore
418. Daisy Hummell, senior
419. Ian Wellman, Senior
420 .Max Ranta, Freshman
421. Liz Ranta, Parent
422. Eric Alvarez, Sophomore
423. Geneva Franciskovich, senior
424. Madison Montoya, Senior
425. Samantha Linder, Parent
426. Alice Jansen, freshman
427. Kea Gildersleeve, junior
428. Lexi Alltucker, Sophomore
429. Paolo Piurque, Senior
430. Kaya Burden, Junior
431. Dawson Sennes, Freshman
432. Charlotte Dierks, freshman
433. Nicole Immoos, sophomore
434. Garrett Beutel, student
435. Raquel Kalpakoff, senior
436. Josh Kim, Senior
437. Joe Simard, senior
438. Aman Thandi, alumni
439. Julianna Vigil, freshmen
440. Shannon Lucero, Freshman
441. Jasmyn Haas, parent
442. Troy Warrecker, Freshman
443. Benjamin Oetman, Freshman
444. Marina Warren, Junior
445. Mattea Kalpakoff, Freshman
446. Daniel Owens, junior
447. Ainsley Lonsbrough, Senior
448. Michaela Warnke, junior
449. coco israel, junior
450. Eliana Feuerstein, Junior
451. Haley French, senior
452. Ava Szytel, freshman
453. Christopher French, Senior
454. Zaryah Olivera, Freshman
455. Hayden Roberts, freshman
456. jj niven, senior
457. Taven Olsson, student
458. Max Ranta, Freshman
459. Paloma Smith, sophomore
460. Summer Matson, parent
461. Jonathan Hernandez, Junior
462. Sydnee Leonardo, Freshman
463. Aashna Kishore, freshman
464. Alina Ashby, freshman
465. Baylor Smith, sophomore
466. Jacob Zakaria, junior
467. Atticus Drake, Freshman
468. Eli Clifford, Senior
469. Sofi David, junior
470. Kavita Kishore, Parent
471. Charlotte Beck, Freshman
472. Wayne Frederick, Parent
473. brady birdsong, sophomore
474. Nicholas Chaves, Junior
475. Eric Dandurand, Parent
476. Sharon Frederick, Parent
477. rylee leseman, senior
478. Paloma Dandurand, Senior
479. Nina Ramezani, junior
480. John Krill, Alumni
481. Julia Bloom, Senior
482. Ahmed Qandhawi, Senior
483. Will Warden, junior
484. Emily Loreto, sophomore
485. Justine Heinsen, parent
486. Matt Gildersleeve, parent
487. James Gregory, sophomore
488. Marina Warren, Junior
489. Christy Candaele, parent
490. Thomas Wilimek, Freshman
491. Hunter Wren, Freshman
492. Tracy Jewell, parent
493. Matthew Le, Junior
494. Gavin Tuohy, Senior
495. Aisling Meyer, Junior
496. Ari slade, junior
497. Flannery Clausen, Freshman
498. Claire Notley, Senior
499. Xavier Harney, alumni
500. Natalie Wells, Senior
501. Sadie LaChapelle, Senior
502. Grant Cindrich, alumni
503. Micah Sunata, alumni
504. Emory Campbell, Senior
505. Kate Maddaloni, Senior
506. Lindsay Smith, Sophomore
507. Elly Jenkins, Junior
508. Ariel Sim, Senior
509. Morgan Hall, Senior
510. Clio Nelson, Senior
511. Ben Jackson, senior
512. Eithan Bates, Freshman
513. Ula Simonsen-Webb, senior
514. Lauren Alanna Marchbanks, senior
515. Hannah Marchbanks, alumni
516. Kaitlin Turner, Freshman
517. Natalie Niznik, sophomore
518. Jasmine Santiago Adame, Junior
519. Jacob Gearhart, Junior
520. Desi Villagoodwin junior
521. Natalie Ellm an, Sophomore
522. Tracey Marchbanks, parent
523. Anne Turner, parent
524. Janey Rubio, Sophomore
525. Alexis Ponce, Junior
526. Phoebe Johnson, junior
527. Asiajade Hagans, Freshman
528. Paul Marchbanks, parent
529. Nicolas Garcia, Senior
530. Sonia McSwain, Junior
531. Liz Ranta, Parent
532. Malia VanDerripe, sophmore
533. Tekuru Schwartz, junior
534. Andrew Daymude, senior
535. Tina Ventrella, parent
536. Michael Ventrella, parent
537. Ryan Garcia, Senior
538. Samantha Whitehead, Freshman
539. Camille Rowlands-Rees, Senior
540. Clio Nelson, Senior
541. Breann Gonzalez, parent
542. Dalilia Olivera, Sophomore
543. Rebecca Gee, Freshman
544. Emily Russell, Junior
545. Etienne Brennan, junior
546. Celina Liu, Alumni
547. Emmersen Hill, junior
548. Jude Shin, sophomore
549. may ritter, sophomore
550. Allison Ryan, senior
551. samantha ross, junior
552. Paris Uhler, Junior
553. Grace Byde, Junior
554. Jedidiah Tzou, Senior
555. Ryan Garcia, Senior
556. Lauren Lepe, junior
557. Jennifer Shaevitz, parent
558. Paris Uhler, Junior
559. Paige Beckett, Junior
560. emma stoudenmire, junior
561. Ayden Kim, Junior
562. Jessica Stephens, Aunt of senior
563. Charles M. Wood, community member
564. Erica A. Stewart, parent
565. Becky Moseley, parent
566. Sadie LaChapelle, Senior
567. Reece Candaele, senior
568. Nicole LePage, parent
569. Serena Stamford, sophomore
570. Yanelly Cardenas, Freshman
571. Ayden Kim, Junior
572. Jeremy Toews, Junior
573. berlyn ellsworth, Junior
574. Scott Nairne, SLOHS Teacher

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