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Best LOCAL Camping spots on the Central Coast await


  San Luis Obispo High School students are at a loss with what to do this half over summer, with the majority of summer vacations canceled. Many though overlooked a perfect and safe option known as camping. Camping allows people to get outdoors and take a break from social media and reality. SLOHS Expressions set out to interview students who love to camp and help those who don’t understand why it deserves another try.

Expressions: What is your favorite place to camp and why?

Senior Alexis Haas: My favorite camping spot is either Big Sur or Pozo. I always used to go to Big Sur with my family growing up with lots of people. I’ve been camping more in Pozo lately though and it’s very secluded and full of nature which is lovely. I like both of these spots because they both don’t have service so you aren’t worried about the outside world and can truly enjoy the other people around and nature. They also both have so many secret spots which are fun. 

Senior Lukas Von Bischopinck: Kings Canyon (not local) or Big Sur. They both have really nice hikes and Kings Canyon has rivers where you can swim whereas Big Sur has beaches. 

Expressions: What are some pros and cons to camping?

Haas: Pros of camping are you get to enjoy nature and the outside world, build relationships with people you are camping with, and have a good time. The only con is that I have a fear of spiders and there can be lots of those sometimes. 

Bischopinck: There are a lot of pros including getting a break from technology and just feeling free. The cons are only mosquitoes biting you to death. 

Expressions: What’s your favorite meal to cook[while camping]?

Haas: Hands down tacos. You never can go wrong and chips and salsa with it is perfect. 

Bischopinck: My favorite meal is making breakfast burritos over a campfire. 

Expressions: What’s your favorite activity to do while camping?

Haas: My favorite activity to do while camping is to adventure. I love finding new spots and just exploring. 

Bischopinck: Finding a cliff jumping spot and just relaxing there would be my favorite activity. 

Expressions: When camping, do you sleep under the stars, in a tent, RV or a car?

Haas: In a tent, if you are going camping you have to in a tent. I always go stargazing before I sleep though no matter where I’m camping, I love the stars. 

Bischopinck: Under the stars or in a tent the best though is in a hammock. 

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