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SLOHS COVID-19 Summer Plans get unique


At San Luis Obispo High School, everyone knows how hectic 2020 has been. With the global pandemic COVID-19 still prominent in everyone’s day to day lives, we can assume that it will additionally affect students’ summers. Expressions set out and interviewed some students about their unique plans and perspectives about summer.

Expressions: How has COVID-19 impacted your summer plans?

Junior Emilia Gambucci: Due to COVID-19 the summer camp I work at, Project Surf Camp, was cancelled, which was pretty heartbreaking. I was also looking forward to the Mid State Fair — also cancelled.

Senior Bella Osgood: This summer, I was planning on getting a job or internship to grow my work experience, and unfortunately COVID-19 has interfered with that. I was additionally planning on taking the June SAT which was also cancelled due to the pandemic.

Expressions: How are you planning on remaining productive over the summer?

Gambucci: A lot of my family members have reached out saying that I can go stay with them this summer out of state in Washington or Alaska, which would be really nice.

Osgood: I want to dedicate more time with my family and exploring new hobbies. I’ve been getting very crafty and will continue to make art through music, painting, and sewing. I am also taking summer courses at Cuesta.

Expressions: Why are you looking forward to ending the school year?

Gambucci: I’m looking forward to the end of the school year because I feel like this has been such a weird school year so far, and has been pretty strenuous on me. I am eager for the break to help improve my mental health.

Osgood: I definitely am looking forward to not having any more homework assignments or AP tests.

Expressions: In what ways are you going to miss the school year?

Gambucci:I’m going to miss this school year because many of my senior friends are graduating and because I miss doing rehearsals for the future production of RENT.

Osgood: Because of COVID-19, a lot of school traditions were skipped this year such as prom, graduation, and our last spirit rally. I miss the teachers and staff that are constantly working to support and help us students, as well as my friends and peers that make school more bearable. I had the pleasure of being taught by both Mr. Weinschenk and Mrs. Fetcho (both of whom are retiring), however I will not be able to celebrate their many years of teaching and wisdom in the way they deserve.

Expressions: What are your summer plans?

Gambucci: I’m still not quite sure of my summer plans yet but I will probably go to the beach frequently and go surfing.Osgood: I will continue to follow CDC guidelines of being quarantined, and I encourage others to do the same. I will be taking summer courses and teaching myself how to sew and play the guitar.

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