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An Interview with Dylan the SLOHS Service Dog


  San Luis Obispo High School senior Clio Nelson has a new Service Dog for her medical condition. The dog has been with her at home since May 1, and has been a huge lifesaver for her owner.

  Expressions is here to interview the new service dog, Dylan. And get all the information you need to know before you meet him in the Fall return to school

Expressions: What exactly are you here to do?

SLOHS senior (same grade as her human) Dylan: I am here to work, my job is to keep my human safe, happy and healthy. And to provide all the snuggles.

Expressions: What is your favorite thing to do?

Dylan: I like to play with my ball, snuggle with my human, our adventures are also a lot of fun. But mostly I like to work, I love helping my human. I like to hog the bed.

Expressions: Can I pet you?

Dylan: No, I’m working and I need to focus on my human. Don’t worry though I get lots of pets and playtime.

Expressions: Can I ask why your human has you?

Dylan: I am a medical alert service dog, and really that’s all of the information that you should need to know. And an insider tip it isn’t good manners to ask why someone needs a service dog, it’s their business not yours. 

Expressions: How often will you be on campus?

Dylan: As often as my human is, I go everywhere she goes.

Expressions: How often do you get to play?

Dylan: I get to play everyday, when I’m off duty I get hours of playtime and snuggle time. I really love playing with my dinosaur.

Expressions: Is there someplace we can see more of you and learn more about your journey with your human?

Dylan: Me and my human have an Instagram where we post about our adventures and our random silliness, @dylan.and.c.adventures.

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