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What are SLOHS student summer plans with COVID-19 Caution?


  Plans for Summer of 2020 are getting cancelled, postponed, and becoming minimal because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has swiped through all countries around the world. Students at San Luis Obispo High School are feeling that impact and are already starting to make changes or set precautions for summer plans.

Once the phases our county has set are enacted, people are allowed to go out, and begin some life again. Expressions set out to hear the changes and opinions of some SLOHS students whose summer 2020 are getting altered. 

Expressions: If you were planning to work this summer, how has coronavirus precautions influenced that? 

Junior Quinn Williams: Well I don’t work at the moment but was planning to get a job over the summer, so now with the coronavirus there’s probably going to be a limited to no option for jobs because of the social distancing and uncertainty on whether businesses can open. 

Junior Gaia Villani: Well, for me I work at a community pool and since we are run by the city, we are unable to open and we usually hold certification classes and we were unable to this year, so when we open we will be extremely low staffed and it’s just very stressful because of all the uncertainty.  

Expressions: What do you think a normal summer day will consist of because of the occuring pandemic? 

Williams: A normal summer day will probably be me occasionally seeing my friends, typically doing things that are outside, and not staying in each other’s houses so much. 

Villani: A normal summer’s day will probably consist of staying home or if we are allowed to see people meeting up with people at the beach but a very low key day. 

Expressions: How do you think this summer will differ from all the other summers you have had in the past? 

Williams: I normally go on summer trips so those will probably be unlikely and I visit my family on the east coast so my summer will be pretty boring. 

Villani: Usually I work a lot during the summer and travel but right now it doesn’t look like either of those will happen because of the virus so I think my summer is going to be boring and uneventful. 

Expressions: Did you have any big summer trips planned that your family had to cancel because of Coronavirus? 

Williams: Yes, I was supposed to go to Hawaii and New York but they had to be canceled due to the pandemic. 

Villani:Yes, I was supposed to go to Mexico and South Africa but unfortunately I won’t be allowed too. 

Expressions: What’s your opinion on hanging out with friends, going out to eat food, and going to the beaches over summer? 

Williams: Well I think people need to be aware of what they’re doing. Still try to keep the social distancing orders with others that you don’t know and respect those who actually do want to continue those rules even if you don’t. We all just need to put in the effort to minimize the risk for ourselves, our families, and members in our community.  Villani: I think everything needs to be at your own risk if people want to hang out or go to the beach they should know that potentially they might get the corona virus and pass it. So that’s just the risk they are taking and if they feel it’s worth it then that’s their decision.

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