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SLOHS students are Social Distancing at Sea


  At San Luis Obispo High School, surfing is a subculture known to a select few who are privileged to live near the coast. For them, a great day is one when they can get away to catch a wave and reconnect with the power of the ocean. The appeal may not be obvious, but for a surfer it is a sublime combination of opposites – solitude and comradery, quiet waiting and moments of exhilaration.

Expressions set out to interview some of these students and ask about their surfing experiences.

Expressions: How long have you been surfing?

Junior Joshua McRoberts: The summer I turned 12, that’s when I got my first board.

Junior Lucas Waggoner: I’ve only been surfing for about a year.

Expressions: Where do you normally surf?

McRoberts: at Yerba Buena in Morro Bay.

Waggoner: Yerba Buena

Expressions: What’s your style of surfing?

McRoberts: I really like the longboard because you have more time to enjoy the wave, you’re able to be freer with your movements and it’s way smoother.

Waggoner: I try to go for like a crappy surfer style, just someone who genuinely sucks at surfing and probably should never have pursued it.

Expressions: How has surfing helped you during the COVID-19 pandemic

McRoberts: It’s very relaxing knowing there’s something I can still do that can’t be affected by the pandemic. Even if the beach closes I know I can still get in the water.

Waggoner: It’s made this whole quarantine thing way less boring and has allowed me to stay healthy

Expressions: Any advice for people who want to pick up surfing?

McRoberts: Go with a buddy and make sure to take in your surroundings, not many people get to enjoy the ocean.

Waggoner: Spend as much time as you can in the water.

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