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The Story Behind SLOHS math teacher Blake Bristol’s Swanky Videos


  During this time of online learning, teachers at San Luis Obispo High School are trying their hardest to create online lesson plans, adjust to the technology, and reach out to students.   

  Statistics and Algebra teacher Blake Bristol is adding a fun spin to his class by incorporating comedy into his online lessons. From using wacky Snapchat filters to making his own lip-sync music videos, Bristol has definitely got his students’ attention. 

  In one music video created by SLOHS staff, Bristol is even seen dancing in his hot tub, fully clothed. Expressions interviewed him about his creative style of making online school entertaining.  

Expressions: Why do you like to add a fun spin to some of your videos?

SLOHS Statistics and Algebra teacher Blake Bristol: I’ve tried to find a way to feel connected to school and to have students feel connected to me… and the creative side in me decided to have fun!  This situation that we’re in by having to do online school isn’t ideal, so any time I can think of a way to break up the monotony of the work, I’ll try to take advantage of that!

Expressions: What gave you the idea to create these funny clips?

Bristol: Most of my ideas are stolen from other people. Sometimes they don’t even know they’ve given me an idea, but I find myself always thinking about what I can do to make a video be more exciting.  My daughter, Emily, has been a huge influence in this endeavour.  She has a goofy creative side like I do but, being 22, she has a more youthful way to do things.  She said I should do an IMovie trailer.. So I did…. it was also her idea to be dancing in the hot tub for the FFA video… then I decided to go in with a shirt and tie… so I add my unique twist when I have a chance.  Erin O’Neil (senior) reminded me to watch John Krasinki’s SomeGoodNews… I kept meaning to, but never got around to it. I had a Winnie the Pooh puppet I was going to do something with and after watching SGN, I decided to make Pooh Bear and his friends my guests on the show, I even wrote a 5 page script using quotes from googling Pooh Bear quotes with directors notes for editing purposes! That video took about 4 hours to make in total.  

Expressions: What is your favorite song to dance to?

Bristol: I actually don’t like to dance! But any song with really good rhythm can sometimes make my feet start moving, and then my legs, and then hips, and then arms start moving… and I guess that would be considered dancing!

Expressions: What are your plans for future videos?

Bristol: Last night I saw a commercial that was in cartoon form… so next time, I will have a cartoon created using my voice as voice over to welcome everyone back for that week.

Expressions: Will you still continue doing these things even when school starts again?

Bristol: During normal school, I use a lot of that creativity in the actual classroom as I teach and don’t have a lot of room left in my day to do outside videos… but I’d love to find a way to make that happen. 

  Online learning can be a difficult change for both students and teachers. Remember that each teacher is working very hard to create an effective online learning environment for their students and some, like Bristol, are even trying to make it more enjoyable. Be sure to say thank you to your teachers for their hard work!

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