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SLOHS Varsity Runner Ellie Treichler is Staying Fit


  Covid-19 and California’s shelter-in-place order have taken a significant toll on student athletes who can no longer attend practices, see their teammates, or compete.

Expressions talked with senior and varsity runner Ellie Treichler about how Covid-19 has affected her sports seasons and personal fitness.

Expressions: What sports are you involved at San Luis Obispo High School and for how long?

Senior Ellie Treichler: I’ve run cross country and track since freshman year.

Expressions: What did your exercise routine look like before Covid-19?

Treichler: Our practices before Covid-19 involved lots of running. We would do a mix of long runs and track workouts during the week, and tweak our practices a little when there were meets.

Expressions: How has your routine changed since the shelter at home order?

Treichler: Since shelter-in-place I’m unable to run with all my friends. This is super sad because a big part of the reason I love running so much is the people. We still have a training plan that I try to follow, but sometimes I’m unmotivated to run because there isn’t a greater goal. But overall not much has changed.

Expressions: How has Covid-19 impacted your sports seasons?

Treichler: This was going to be my last track season ever and I was looking forward to competing with my team. Now everything is cancelled and I really miss putting on my beautiful spikes and racing.

Expressions: Have you had any recent exercise accomplishments?

Treichler: A recent exercise accomplishment was walking a marathon with Alexi, Thea, and Catrina (we stayed six feet apart, don’t worry). We walked to Avila and back plus some. It was so long! We were walking for like seven hours. Right when I got home after the 26.2 miles I sat down and didn’t get up for a long time. I was super sore for like two days after also because walking uses totally different muscles than running. But I highly recommend!

Expressions: What is your advice for people looking to workout during shelter at home?

Treichler: My advice to people looking to workout during shelter at home is just do it! It’s so nice to go outside after being cooped up for long periods of time. I definitely recommend doing anything outdoors that you can, whether it’s walking, biking, hiking, running, scootering, etc. But just make sure to keep your distance with other people because I don’t want anymore trails shut down. #safetyfirst.

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