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SLOHS senior Erin O’Neil Shares Perspectives On Art During COVID-19


  With more free time during online school, San Luis Obispo High School students are starting to invest more time into extracurricular creative activities.

Expressions set out to interview prominent SLOHS senior artist Erin O’Neil to see how her painting has been faring during quarantine. 

  Expressions: How has your experience painting been affected by COVID-19 quarantine measures?

  Erin O’Neil: It is pretty much the same as before, I just paint more during the day now! Luckily, I have a stock of paint at home to keep me busy. I have been sharing my paintings more with friends and family to keep in touch as well.

  Expressions: How do you balance online school and painting?

  O’Neil: I have had more free time overall lately. School work is my priority, but while I watch TV or when I need a little break, I like to paint. There are definitely plenty of hours in the day for both.

  Expressions: How does painting impact your mental health?

  O’Neil: I am fortunate to have strong mental health, which is in part due to the hobbies I have. I love to paint as a mode of relaxation!

  Expressions: Is there a style of painting that relaxes you more than others?

  O’Neil: I paint with acrylics the most. I like to paint landscapes!

  Expressions: What subjects do you typically focus on in your landscapes?

  O’Neil: I love painting clouds and mountains! I would highly recommend this time for others to try to follow tutorials like the classic Bob Ross landscapes.

  Expressions: How have you developed your painting to the skill level you’re at now? 

  O’Neil: I just paint for fun. The more I painted, the more I saw my skills improve. I started taking art lessons in first grade with a local artist and I never stopped. 

  O’Neil’s advice to relax and enjoy our free time by trying something new is especially relevant as COVID-19 runs its course in our community. So with your extra free time, try picking up a paintbrush and attempting this new hobby that might just become your favorite. 

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