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Athletics are Cancelled, How are SLOHS Athletes Coping?


  COVID-19 at San Luis Obispo High School has drastically changed every student’s day to day lives, especially athletes who otherwise would be on the field, in the pool, or at the court. Whether students are speed swimmers or track stars they all have devotion and determination for their sport.

Expressions set out to determine how this pandemic has changed some of these students’ lives as athletes or if it has stayed relatively similar despite recent hardships.

Expressions: What sport were you scheduled to participate in, why do you like it?

Junior Isaac Fiala: I was scheduled to participate in tennis and I have always liked it because it forces me to learn and grow as I keep trying to improve.

Junior Julia Minicucci: I was a part of the softball team. I love softball because it helped me stay fit and make new friends.

Expressions: Now that your sport has been cancelled, will you continue to stay active?

Fiala: Yes, I still practice tennis 6-7 days a week, roughly two hours per day.

Minicucci: Yes, I’ve been doing the same cardio workout my team and I did, as well as continuing to practice my pitching to make sure my arm isn’t soft next season.

Expressions: How is this specifically different from your normal season?

Fiala: It’s very different because I don’t get to have the experience of travelling and competing with a team, as well as having the opportunity to focus with people who have the same goals that I do.

Minicucci: A normal season requires all teammates to be in a specific place at a specific time. Due to the virus, teammates aren’t forced to do workouts specific to their sport but are required to take note of some sort of physical activity throughout the week

Expressions: What do you miss the most from your third trimester sport?

Fiala: I miss competing and the energy at the matches when someone on my team is up or down, the energy levels are high until the day is over.

Minicucci: I miss my girls! We built strong relationships where we could easily talk to one another and help each other out with school, boys, or clothes we forgot to bring to practice.

Expressions: Have your expectations of your sport next year changed? If so, how?

Fiala: I think it’s going to change my expectations a little bit just because you only get to experience high school once so having a year of sports taken from you is disappointing. But on the bright side it gives everyone the ability to work as hard as they want to and improve on their own so we are ready to get back into it next year.

Minicucci: Not in particular. I don’t expect everyone to continue working out and continue working on improving their skills. We’ll see what happens next season.

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