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Dancing During Quarantine is the liberating thing to do


San Luis Obispo High School students have been sheltering at home for the past three weeks.

While it may seem that there is nothing for them to do but sit at home, there is a plethora of activities that fill their time. Teachers have been assigning enough work to keep each student busy and the students are finding plenty of things to entertain themselves with.

Expressions interviewed a few home-bound students to ask them how they have been channelling their inner dancer and freeing themselves. 

 Expressions: In the midst of all of this sheltering at home, why have you chosen to dance by yourself? 

Freshman Makena Johnson: I didn’t choose to dance, but my sister chose to dance because she’s a dancer. Dancing clears her mind. 

Freshman Sophia Campbell: Because my friend told me to. Because there is nothing else for me to do. My little brother who is five now, plays Just Dance with me every night. His favorite song is “Rock and Roll” by Skrillex. 

Junior Lucia Landeros: I don’t. Why the heck would I do that? 

Expressions: What if your favorite song to dance to? 

Johnson: I don’t really know. I don’t really have one. I just listen to the radio. 

Campbell: I like dancing to “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin. I like it because it’s jazzy. 

Landeros: I don’t dance. I do listen to music though. I recommend “Occidentalis Karma” by Francesco Gabbani. 

Expressions: How much dancing have you done during quarantine?

Johnson: Well, I haven’t done much. I have a dancer in the family and they have dance classes every day for an hour and a half. 

Campbell: I have danced at least thirty minutes every day. Dancing is my passion. I feel so deprived of it, but now since I have so much time to dance I feel great. 

Landeros: I don’t DANCE!

Expressions: Especially during this time of quarantine, do you feel that dancing is a testament to your personal freedom? 

Johnson: No, because you can still do other activities. You can do other things that are equally as fun. 

Campbell: I guess so. During these times I have lost a lot of my freedom. I’m not sure, perhaps it is a testament to my own freedom. 

Landeros: Again, no. I do not dance. 

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