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When SLOHS students and SLOPD interact

When SLOHS students and SLOPD interact

  Many San Luis Obispo High School students interact with cops every day, especially with officer Alexander’s presence on the campus. However, other students have interacted with law enforcement officials under less pleasant circumstances. Expressions set out to interview three students who have experienced being pulled over by our one and only San Luis Obispo Police Department. 

Expressions: Why were you pulled over?

Junior Bayley Perlmutter: I was pulled over for going over the speed limit on the highway. I didn’t ask how over I was going so I do not know. 

Senior Annie Overland:  Blocking an intersection was why I got a ticket. 

Junior Shaylee Grimm: I was pulled over because I didn’t go two hundred feet into the bike lane before I made a right turn. 

Expression: How much was your ticket?

Perlmutter: The ticket was about $450. 

Overland: It was $300, I tried to fight it, and I got a trial by written declaration which means I get all my money back. . 

Grimm: It was $150, but im in the process of fighting it. 

Expressions: Was the police officer nice?

Perlmutter: The cop was not mean or nice. I was not angry or anything because I didn’t want a ticket. 

Overland: He was the mustache cop, and no, he wasn’t nice. 

Grimm: No he was not nice, and he pulled me over for the wrong reason. I started crying because I didn’t do anything wrong. 

Expressions: How did your family react?

Perlmutter: My family was upset and disappointed with me. 

Overland: My family was really mad, they ended up lecturing me for a long time. 

Grimm: They were annoyed because my ticket said that I was being charged for going into the bike lane, when I actually didn’t. 

Expressions: Has your driving improved?

Perlmutter: Yes I drive the speed limit  now. 

Overland: My driving has absolutely not been improved. 

Grimm: My driving has improved I guess because now I’m just more cautious about what I’m doing I guess. 

Expressions: What was the punishment from your family?

Perlmutter: I had no punishment and still got to drive my car after. 

Overland: I wasn’t allowed to drive for two days, it was supposed to be two weeks but my family just didn’t want to drive me around so it was only two days. 

Grimm: I wasn’t punished for my ticket since my family believed it was not my fault so it would not have been fair to punish me. 

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