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From Russia to America: An Interview with Senior Nakita Sarkenov


Russia, 5,276 miles away from San Luis Obispo High School, and yet one of their own has made the journey here. Recently in the news for foul play, Russia has not gained the highest respect or reputation with The States. So Expressions sought out to talk to one of their natives, senior  Nakita Sarkenov, to figure out what Russians are like and what they are about. 

Expressions: Does your name have any merits to the country of Russia?

Senior Nakita Sarkenov: It’s a common Russian name that basically my parents just gave me. But, it does have an old meaning: “emperor”. 

Expressions: Where did you grow up?

Sarkenov: I was born in Kazakhstan, but grew up in Russia for most of my life until two years ago.

Expressions: How does Russia differ from America?

Sarkenov: I guess the people are a little nicer here. It depends, I guess. We don’t hate different sexualities, but we don’t tend to support the LQBTQ community, in my understanding. 

Expressions: What is your favorite Russian dish?

Sarkenov: Pelmeni is my favorite Russian dish. It basically is the Russian version of ravioli.

Expressions: What kind of music do you like?

Sarkenov: I don’t have a good sense in music. I don’t really like to listen to Russian music. I like hip hop and rap. Especially from SoundCloud. 

Expressions: Do you like SLOHS and the people here?

Sarkenov: No, I don’t really like to hang out with these people here. So I hang out with more like the Cal Poly kids. SLOHS is ok, I guess. It is full of diverse and interesting people and everyone is pretty nice. 

 Expressions: Because of all the news about Russia and Trump, what is your stance? Do you like Trump?

Sarkenov: Surprisingly, I am neutral in politics and lean more towards The Left than anything. Ironically, against what most people think, Russia is like politically. 

Expressions: What do you miss the most about Russia?

Sarkenov: That everyone is cold and drank vodka. I also miss certain people and snow. 


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