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Stunt is the Spring Sport to Watch


  Stunt was introduced to San Luis Obispo High School students last year. The new CIF certified sport is a very complex combination of choreographed jumps, tumbling, tosses, pyramids and more.  A majority of the sideline cheerleaders who helped cheer for the SLOHS football team in the fall will be competing in Stunt in the Spring.

  Sideline cheer is similar to stunt, but stunt focuses more on the tricks and athletic components of cheer. In a stunt competition, the teams learn their own routines that involve dancing and stunt tricks.  The team that finishes with the cleanest routine wins the point. During four rounds in a meet.

  Expressions had a few questions about the new season for sophomore Stunt teammates Ashlyn Rice, Kaya Maire, and Hannah Ahlstrom.

Expressions: How long have you been cheering for?

Sophomore Kaya Maire: I have been cheering for a year.

Sophomore Ashlyn Rice: This is my first year of cheering so for about a year.

Sophomore Hannah Ahlstrom: I have been cheering for almost two years.

Expressions: Do you prefer sideline cheering or stunt?

Rice: I prefer stunt over sideline cheer because it’s more challenging and active.

Ahlstrom: Sideline cheering because of the interaction with the crowd and the energy at the game.

Maire: So far, I like stunt better because it’s more fun to work together as a team against another team, rather than just being supporters for another sport because we can be more active.

Expressions: What are you most excited about for the new season of stunt?

Maire: I’m most excited to get to work together with the girls on the team because I’m friends with most of them, and it’s overall just a fun environment to be in.

Expressions: Is stunt challenging when it comes to learning new dances and stunt tricks?

Ahlstrom: The dances can be hard to learn if we have to learn them in a short amount of time, but they’re a lot of fun. The stunt sequences can also be hard to learn since we have to make sure we do everything on time which can be hard to memorize and perform.

Expressions: What are you guys working on as a team?

Rice: We are working on hitting all our stunts, and when we do, everyone gets super excited and it’s the best feeling ever.

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