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The best cafeteria food, ranked.


  At San Luis Obispo High School, the cafeteria food has a reputation.

However, there are some hidden gems within this makeshift kitchen. Food that you should order everyday, to turn your lunch time disappointment into a lunch time rejoicement. Here are some of the best cafeteria food, ranked. 

Number 5: veggie burger 

    For vegetarians at SLOHS, there aren’t a lot of options concerning cafeteria food. One option however, is the veggie burger. The presentation of this pseudo burger is very neat and good looking, with green cafeteria paper wrapped around it. The texture is decent, but leaves something to be desired. The main reasons it ranked so low is the taste. It mainly tastes like potatoes and black beans, something not desirable in something trying to replicate a burger. Overall, the veggie burger get a 4.25/10, not bad for one of the only vegetarian options.

Number 4: Fries

   Fries at SLOHS are served as a side to many popular dishes such as the burger and chicken tenders. However, for the purpose of this article, they will be ranked on their own. The fries are cut in a crinkle fashion, resulting in more surface area, which improves surface area and places for condiments and seasoning to reach. They have a unique seasoning that brings another flavor component, but still lets the potato flavor shine.  The texture is where things start heading south, considering it is absolute and utter trash. Many people who have the fries regularly describe them as stale, and I couldn’t agree more. Half of them are stale and hard but not crispy, or unforgivably soggy. Taking this into account, the fries get an 4.9/10 

  Number 3: Rice and chicken burrito 

  “ I love the chicken and rice burrito, it tastes like professionally done fajita chicken,” said freshman Daniel Elwyn.

  With great and authentic chicken flavor, you can see where Elwyn is coming form. The chicken is seasoned very well, with notes of cumin, chili, and many other spectacular spices. There are other components, but the chicken is the star. One of those other comprents are the rice, which is less successful than it’s companion name sake. The rice is tasteless and dry, and adds nothing to this otherwise delicious dish. The texture is great, especially the cheese , which is very stretchy and stringy. The preastation is not amazing, but looks like your average burrito.

Due to the chicken great flavor and the steller cheese, the burrito gets a 7.02/10.

   Number 2: Turkey pesto subs

    The turkey pesto subs aren’t the most popular, but they certainly should get more recognition. 

  “The flavor combinations are spot on,” said freshman Grant Steins, echoing the consensus of the students that had the wisdom to try this special sandwich. 

  The ratios of the pesto, tomato, and turkey are fantastic, and they complete each other perfectly. The pesto adds great additions to the flavor profile, with hints of basil and Parmesan. The texture is what really steals the show. The bread is incredibly fluffy, and the tomtos have a nice crunch to balance everything out. The preastation is decent, but nothing special, with it wrapped in saran wrap, making the sandwich look less appetizing than it actually is. Overall, the turkey pesto sub get a great 8.5/10.

  Number 1: Pizza

   The pizza is the only item that is served every day, and you can see why. Aesthetically, the pizza looking incredibly appetizing. It has a nice browning, resulting from the expert cooking from the Domino’s Kitchen. The Sauce is sweet with hints of tang, and the ratio with cheese is expertly done. Every bite I take, I’m compelled to take another because of amazing flavors crafted from the incredible combination of cheese, sauce, and bread that will never be topped- except by toppings.  What keeps it from receiving a perfect score is the texture of the cheese. Although the cheese tastes very good, it never stretches and has a general lack of creaminess. The crust is decent, earning the pizza 9/10.

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