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I Need Your Help! But Get Away From Me!


Currently the largest class at San Luis Obispo High School for the 2019-20 school year is the freshman. Going from a school with 800 students to a high school campus of 1600 students may be mortifying to some. 

  Each year, students come to SLOHS and can be comfortable knowing they have an older sibling just feet away from them throughout parts of the day. Other freshman can come to high school with older siblings and want nothing less to do with them. 

  Expressions interviewed a couple freshman at SLOHS to see how they felt about being a freshman and having siblings at school.  

Expressions: How has your first week and a half of high school been? 

Freshman Skyler Perry: My first week and a half of high school has been good. Definitely a bigger school than Laguna, but I love it so far. 

Freshman Olivia Maxie: My first week has been very different than my other experiences while starting a new school. The campus is way bigger and harder to get around because of all the construction. Overall it has been good, the passing periods are nice because they’re longer. 

Freshman Ali Coyne: My first week of high school was a great experience and very welcoming. All of my classes were great, the teachers, and students all have been very friendly. Overall a good way to start my next four years. 

Expressions: Has SLOHS been a welcoming environment for incoming freshman in your opinion? 

Perry: SLOHS has been very welcoming to me. The upperclassmen and teachers have been welcoming and openingly helpful to me. 

Maxie: SLOHS has been welcoming in many different ways, the staff was helpful when I was trying to find my way around campus, and there have been several activities to welcome freshmen to the school. 

Coyne: In my opinion, SLOHS has been a very welcoming environment to the incoming freshman, everyone has been helpful. 

Expressions: how does having an older sibling attending SLOHS change your high school experiences so far or your perspective of high school? 

Perry: Having two older siblings (Sophomore Blayke Perry and Senior Shaye Perry) that go to SLOHS with me doesn’t really make a difference. I thought they would be helpful for finding classes and people to talk to but I never really talk to them. 

Maxie: Having an older sibling (Junior Zoe Maxie) who attends SLOHS has changed my experience because I was a lot more timid going into freshman year, but after the first day she showed me the ropes and told me what I needed to know to be successful in my first year. 

Coyne: Having an older sibling (Junior Nathan Coyne) at SLOHS hasn’t changed my experience but they have experienced some of the same classes so if I ever need help with schoolwork, he could help me. 

Expressions: What do you wish you had known before coming into SLOHS? 

Perry: Before coming into SLOHS I felt I knew everything I needed to know before attending. 

Maxie: I wish I had known to be less timid. All the staff are so supportive and nice that on such a big campus you can just be you. 

Coyne: It is more enjoyable to go to school when you have your friends and see familiar faces around.

Expressions: What has been one thing your siblings have helped you learn about yourself so far just from attending a week of high school? 

Perry: Just attending this past week of school, I have realized that I have changed in the decisions I make and the right group of people to be with. 

Maxie: One thing I have learned about myself so far from my first week at SLOHS is that I’m way more capable of getting my work done and studying than I thought I was. Coyne: I have learned that you have to stay true to who you are and not change because when you change you can lose friends or drop grades and that will largely impact the future.

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