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Working Out with Brian Tuohy


 With winter sports tryouts gearing up this week, San Luis Obispo High School athletes test their skills to show the coaches that they deserve a spot on the team. An athlete needs to have the skill to play the sport, but in addition, the strength as well. Working out is necessary for an athlete to be successful in their sport. 

  Expressions sat down with athletic trainer Brian Tuohy to discuss the importance of working out for athletes.

Expressions: What is your role as an athletic trainer?

SLOHS Athletic Trainer Brian Tuohy: My role at SLOHS is injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, and first responder.

Expressions: What is the most common injury you see at SLOHS?

Tuohy: It really depends on the sport, but most commonly ankles.

Expressions: How important is working out for an athlete?

Tuohy: Very important. It keeps your cardiovascular system up, it keeps you sharp, keeps your attitude positive. If you don’t workout, your mood is a little bit grumpy. 

Expressions: What majority of the athletes coming to see you work out?

Tuohy: Most of the athletes work out before they get injured. But some of the injuries occur in the weightroom. 

Expressions: What can you suggest to athletes to become stronger outside of their sport? 

Tuohy: Get yourself a personal trainer and have that person understand the biomechanics of working out.

Expressions: What makes athletes realize they need to work out?

Tuohy: Performance. Working out obviously improves how an athlete plays, so when they see their teammates who work out do well, they will work out so they can be as good.

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