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The View of JV football linebacker, Julian Ramirez-Brown


  Our 2019 San Luis Obispo High School JV football team has a 4-1 record for this season so far. Last year’s JV team had an eight and two record at the end of their season, yet this year’s team already has a better start. 

Freshman mic linebacker Julian Ramirez-Brown is experiencing his first year putting on pads and playing football, so he has a different view about things than more experienced players. 

  “I feel good about getting 4-1 this year because I know we can win the rest of our games if we try,” said Brown.  

Expressions interviewed Brown to learn more about his first year view.

Expressions: What is your favorite thing about playing football? Why?

Freshman mic linebacker Julian Ramirez-Brown: It makes me feel really good when we make a good play, I think that’s my favorite thing. It gets everyone hyped and it makes me feel good that we’re doing well.

Expressions: What do you like most about playing the linebacker position?

Brown: It’s the best spot for me to get an interception during a play in the game. I haven’t gotten any mid-game but during practice, I get a lot of interceptions.

Expressions: What are you most excited about in the coming games this season?

Brown: I am mostly excited about winning more games this season because we have a good win streak and a great team. We’ll probably go 9-1 because we have a really good team and the teams we’re playing next [don’t have as good of a record as SLOHS].

Expressions: How much average playing time do you get each game?

Brown: I get around fifteen minutes of playing time each game because I’m not a starting player. Usually, starters get the most playing time because they’re better players.

Expressions: How do you feel about having football as your fifth period of the day?

Brown: I’m fine with it. It gives us time to watch films and go over game strategies. It’s also better than having it after school and then extending practice.

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