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SLOHS’ New Freshman Officers Out To Make School Better


  San Luis Obispo High School held freshman ASB officer elections on August 29.

  6 candidates – freshmen Nate Browning, Gianna Anselmo, Mark Rourke, Jenny Michel, Emily Pan, and Sage Lindvall – all having a goal of representing the class of 2023 with an effective voice, ran for freshman class officer. 

  On September 3, TNN announced that Anselmo, Browning, and Rourke won the election. Expressions was able to reach out to Anselmo and Rourke for their comments on their victory and their hopes for this year ahead in ASB.

Expressions: What are your goals this year in ASB?

Freshman Gianna Anselmo: My goals in ASB is to make the freshman class more spirited, to bring everyone together, and to have more fun.

Freshman Mark Rourke: I want to just make freshman work all together to build a better school and make our freshman class the best it can possibly be.

Freshman Nate Browning: I’m hoping to make this school a better place and to help all the freshman around school.

Expressions: What’s your opinion of the freshman class? How do you see them?

Anselmo: I think the freshman class is really hard working and since we’re a large group, I think we can accomplish a lot of things in the school and make it a better place.
Rourke: I see them as friends and I hope we’re all there for each other.

Browning: I hope to see the freshmen bond together and work together. All of us have been friends for a while too since we’ve gone to the same schools in the past together.

Expressions: What do you think contributed to your victory in the election?

Anselmo: Spread by the word of mouth.

Rourke: I had stickers! I also just wanted to be nice to people. I think that helped.

Browning: I had a lot of good friends that were helping me campaign.

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