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How To Survive A Vacation In Europe This Summer


   The summer break has already started and some students from San Luis Obispo High School are wondering what they need to pack for a summer vacation to Europe. There are some helpful tips that you should know before starting vacations in Europe. Expressions went out and asked former SLOHS foreign exchange students Cheyenne Cartwright and Carlo Ruggeri things that you should think about. Also, Expressions asked junior Gabriela Schroeter what she planned to see in Europe.

Expressions: What is the most important thing to bring when traveling to Europe?

SLOHS graduate Cheyenne Cartwright: Make sure to always have cash with you when you’re on vacations in Europe. It’s not uncommon for places there to not accept credit card

Expressions: What is something you need to bring that you wouldn’t need in the states?

SLOHS graduate Carlo Ruggeri: In Europe, it is really easy if you have a motorbike, it is not necessary to have it but it is way easier to get around the city. If you drive a car, be careful because the driving age is 18.

Expressions: What is the hardest part of traveling to Europe?

Cartwright: A lot of people don’t speak English and it makes it hard to communicate

Ruggeri: The hardest thing is probably asking for information because the people are not that open minded like here.

Expressions: What is a good Destination for a vacation in


Ruggeri: You should definitely go to Italy but also Great Britain or Norway if you rather enjoy the summer break at the beach you should go to Sicilia or somewhere on a coast in Spain.

Cartwright: You should go to Italy and Greece for sure! Paris and Berlin are interesting cities, but it totally depends on what kind of person you are!

Expression: What are you going to see in Europe and what are you most excited about?

Junior Gabby Schroeter:  I am going to Europe to watch the World Cup, travel, and also visit family. I am most excited to watch the World Cup Final!

Enjoy your vacation, Tigers!

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