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SLOHS Students Visiting Hume Lake Over The Summer


   Every summer, San Luis Obispo High School students become campers for a week at Hume Lake Christian Camps. Located within the Sequoia National Forest, Hume Lake is a camp that allows students to strengthen their faith away from their parents, as well as having fun in a beautiful location. Expressions sat down with SLOHS students to learn about their experience there.

Expressions: How many years have you been to Hume?

SLOHS Graduate Emma Van Doren: I’ve been a camper six times.

SLOHS Graduate Ben Ernstrom: I’ve been to Hume Lake for six years.

Senior Alexis Nelson: I went for two years.

SLOHS Graduate Lily Hasley: I’ve been eight years.

Expressions: What makes Hume Lake Christian camps unique from other summer camps?

Van Doren: It’s pretty big, there are a ton of churches who bring kids to come, the campers have a lot of independence and freedom to do whatever they want which is really cool. A lot of people come to Christ during the week there, which is also really cool.

Ernstrom: It’s just so different. Even just the atmosphere when you first get there, it’s a Christian camp so there’s no alcohol or drugs. People are having fun without that stuff. It’s a beautiful place, there’s nothing like it.

Nelson: I think because it’s so secluded and in such a beautiful area, it’s really nice to get away from everything else. But, it’s very expensive.

Hasley: I think that everyone is focused on growing closer to God, which is pretty special. You develop a lot of close bonds with friends, too.

Expressions: What is your favorite memory from Hume?

Van Doren: During cabin time, at night, cabins can share deep secrets or things that they’re going through and know that it’s really safe there. And I’ve grown to know my closest friends now through Hume Lake and being vulnerable with each other.

Ernstrom: We were on the dock, and a dad went to push his son into the lake, and then I pushed the dad. Then someone pushed me in, I held my hat in the air so it didn’t get wet. And basically, the dad continued to push everyone into the lake just because.

Nelson: Playing broom hockey in the ice rink during winter Hume.

Hasley: I remember one night after chapel, my friend Emma [Van Doren] and I went out onto the lawn and stargazed and were just so amazed at how beautiful the world is. That was really special.

Expressions: What would you tell someone who is wary of attending Hume due to their strong religious themes?

Van Doren: Send it. A lot of people who do go don’t necessarily go to church every Sunday or are part of a youth group. A lot are just friends, and I think it’s their choice to listen to the message or not. Either way, you get to grow closer to people your age and meet new friends, so I think it’s definitely worth it.

Ernstrom: It’s a Christian camp, I mean, that’s what it’s called, ‘Hume Lake Christian Camps’. I suggest that everyone would go, but if they are against [the religious aspect] or don’t want it it’s probably not the best for them. But, if someone’s on the edge, just go. There’s a lot of other stuff to do like there’s free time where you can do whatever you want, and I say totally go.

Hasley: I would say go. There are so many activities that you can do during free time.  Especially if you have friends going already, it’s such a blast.

Expressions: Do you think Hume is worth the cost?

Van Doren: I think it is worth three times the cost.

Ernstrom: Oh yeah, absolutely. I can’t go as a camper anymore since I’ve graduated, but I’m going in August just to hang out for a few days because I love it so much.

Nelson: Being honest, I don’t think so. It’s the same content that you can get at another camp with a similar view, expect it’s so much more expensive.

Hasley: Oh, yes.

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