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School Sports: During Fifth Period Or After School


   It is believed by many SLOHS students that sports should be practiced during fifth period. However, others believe without sports fifth period, students will be given the opportunity to take more classes and improve their education. Both sides of this issue raise viable arguments on what practice times will be more beneficial for students. Expressions interviewed various student-athletes at SLOHS about their opinion on this subject.

Expressions: When do you believe sports should practice?

Graduate Jaeden Suval (football): During School.

Junior Emma Kawaoka (swim): During my 5th-period class.

Junior Nico Garcia (swim): During fifth period.

Expressions: As a student-athlete, when it is more convenient for your sport to practice?

Suval: 5th period.

Kawaoka: During school.

Garcia: During 5th period.

Expressions: Would it benefit you to have an elective or a core class 5th period rather than a sport?

Suval: No, that would just take time away from practice and other things I have to do after school.

Kawaoka: No, I would prefer to spend fifth period practicing a sport so I have time to focus on other classes after school.

Garcia: I’d rather have a sport.

Expressions: What time do you usually finish your homework after coming home from your 5th-period sport?

Suval: I don’t do homework.

Kawaoka: I get home around 5:30 P.M., and finish my homework at 7.

Garcia: I get home at like 5:00 P.M., but I don’t really do my homework, to be honest.

Expressions: Does having a sport impact your ability to do homework?

Suval: Not when you don’t do it.

Kawaoka: Not really because I have time in school to focus on swimming and time at home, after school, to focus on homework.

Garcia: I don’t know, I don’t do it.

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