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Tearing Down The Classrooms At San Luis Obispo High School


 As the end of the San Luis Obispo High School school year comes to a close, SLOHS teachers are preparing for the construction that will take place over summer vacation. They are doing so by essentially getting rid of any personal decorations, old work, and more. Expressions set out to ask Latin teacher Thomas Weinschenk and his students what they think of this process.

 “I have been in room 136 for around 25 years. The classroom had been the classroom of French teacher Larry Michel, who was a good friend of mine and a wonderful teacher, and being able to teach in his former room was always an inspiration for me. Since he taught here, it brought a certain spirit to the room,” said Weinschenk.

Expressions: What are you going to miss most about room 136?

Weinschenk: I’ll miss the chalkboard because I love the chalkboard, being left-handed, I get all kinds of chalk dust on my hand from writing on the board. I love the feel of the chalkboard. I love the dust, and that is what I will definitely miss the most.

Freshman Camden Lunceford: I am sad that the podium is going because there is a lot of good memories, but probably just all of the space that he has with all of his posters and stuff. I am going to miss that. I am definitely going to miss his back office where it has all of his plaques of how awesome a teacher he is.

Freshman Jadyn Sennet: I don’t know exactly why, but I remember that his class was always decorated in a funny way where he kept a bunch of posters on the wall and pictures of his past students. The pictures were associated with Latin and the history and the geography of the areas we were learning about. I just liked his classroom. The pictures of his past students and the classes and all the Latin posters were cool.

Sophomore Benjamin Handy: What I have heard so far is that when teachers move out of their classroom, they have to get rid of a lot and have to take the stuff of their walls. I would probably miss that the most, just the character that the room has just because when he moves in, it is probably going to be a newer classroom and it’s going to lose that feel like your in the 1960s. All just the stuff decorating the walls.

Junior Raegan Lunceford: I think what I am going to miss most is just all of his posters and the location because obviously, it is in the language hall. It has the podium and everything, so I think I will just miss the historic parts of it.

Senior William Guy: Mr. Weinschenk himself. I mean he’s probably my favorite teacher right now and I’ve never met anyone who’s more kind or accepting and a better teacher than he is.

Expressions: What are you excited for in the upcoming classroom?

Weinschenk: I’m excited about sharing the 500 wing with all my World Language colleagues.

C. Lunceford: I don’t know, it’s just going to be a new space. New space, new area. I feel like Mr. Weinschenk is going to adapt well to his new classroom. He’s probably going to make a lot of new puns about the classroom, so that will be funny too.

Sennet: Hopefully it will be a bit newer and nicer. I think that there are more windows in the new classrooms, so hopefully, the classroom won’t be as dark.

Handy: The only thing I could be more excited for would it (the classroom) being more modern, but I guess that would get rid of its charm of him using older technology.

C. Lunceford: I am just looking forward to newer facilities. Currently, it’s kinda messy and a lot of stuff doesn’t work, so it’s going to be nice to have a new and improved classroom.

Guy: I won’t be here for it, but I’m sure the underclassman are going to appreciate it.

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