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Appreciating The Junior Varsity Sports At SLOHS


Just in the 2018-2019 school year, JV sports teams at San Luis Obispo High School have collected a variety of league championships, ranging from cross country to basketball. However, most of the JV teams and their star athletes go unrecognized by the school, while bringing home hardware in a very humble fashion. Today, Expressions got a chance to talk with a few upcoming Junior Varsity athletes.

Expressions: How did your team do this year, or at least how are they doing so far?

Sophomore Cross Country Runner Addison Hubley: We did great. We grinded, put in the work, and produced some dubs.

Sophomore Wrestler Ari Maksoudian: Our team is doing well, and our program is seeing great improvement.

Sophomore Water Polo Player Sasha Sheridan: We actually did better than varsity, and we are changing to a new league next year that we will perform even better in.

Expressions: Do you feel your team is underappreciated compared to varsity teams?

Hubley: There have been times where I felt that varsity was cooler and more important than us, but then I came to the realization that they are not in fact that cool.

Maksoudian: Not as much by the general public, but varsity cracks some jokes at us.

Sheridan: I think that JV girls water polo was extremely underappreciated compared to varsity, probably due to the fact that our pool is at Sinsheimer and our games are right after school.

Expressions: How many league titles have your sport won recently?

Hubley: Let’s just say when there has been vomit, there have been dubs, and there has been plenty of vomit recently.

Maksoudian: As a team, we have not won any league titles, but individually, some people have placed.

Sheridan: Not many, but we are doing a lot better than usual.

Expressions: Do you feel like the uniforms and gear you get is similar to the quality of the varsity teams?

Hubley: Definitely not, varsity gets all the cool swag.

Maksoudian: Our uniforms are the same so there is no real difference between us in that way.

Sheridan: Our uniforms are the same quality as varsity, but the print is a lot less cool.

Expressions: Are you looking forward to a shot at varsity next year, or would you be thrilled to have some more time on the JV team?

Hubley: Varsity will be cool, but I will forever miss grinding out the dubs with my JV brothers.

Maksoudian: I am definitely looking forward to varsity, then I will be the one making the jokes.

Sheridan: JV was a lot of fun, but I am excited to see what varsity has to offer.

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    Cathy Criner BartholomewApr 19, 2019 at 9:26 am

    Hey – I love that you guys are recognizing our JV athletes! Our JV girls were the League Champs in the Mountain League AG tournament on Wednesday, April 17th. Also, a lot of PRs and first-time individual winners and record-breakers from SLO JV girls. It would be great to see a piece on that! Talk to Coach Justin to get the stats! Thanks for recognizing these JV athletes too!