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What You Need To Know About Cross Country


  Though many San Luis Obispo High School students could easily recite the football team’s record this year, very few are aware of the extraordinary successes of our cross country team. SLOHS consistently takes the top spots in competitive cross country meets across California. This outstanding program deserves recognition from all SLOHS students.

  “We have a tradition of excellence that we try to maintain,” said cross country head coach Adam Basch. “Athletes understand what it takes to be competitive in this state and they are willing to put in the time to train at that level.”

  This hard work pays off, as the girls varsity team is currently ranked first in Division II, and the boys varsity team is second in Division II. But if they perform so well, why does the team go unrecognized by the student population?

  “It’s not a sport that you can sit down and easily watch, so it’s not as exciting,” said freshman Nina Ramezani.

  Despite the lack of support, cross country runners love the experience.

  “Overall, I have had an incredible time running cross country the past three and a half years,” said senior varsity runner Emma Manderino. “I would characterize my experience as a long journey to learning how to be patient with myself, manage pain, and keep a positive attitude even when I feel like quitting or passing out.”

  Though it is an individual sport, one of the most important aspects of cross country is building a sense of community on the team.

  “Athletes help each other, rather than compete with each other,” said Basch when asked what set SLOHS apart from other programs.

  “It’s a team sport as well as an individual sport. You try to beat people in races to score points for the team while also racing the clock to try to achieve a time you are proud of. I have a few personal time goals in the back of my mind, but my main goal is to make it to state with the team this year,” said Manderino.

  Basch also has high hopes for this season.

  “The number one goal is for every runner to improve their personal fitness and race to the best of their ability. At the varsity level, we would like to qualify for the state meet and be as competitive as possible in Division II,” said Basch.

  Though running six days a week with an average of about six miles a day may seem like a near-heroic feat to many students, picking up cross country is not as impossible as it may seem.

  “Anyone can start at any time!” said Manderino. “You don’t have to have been running since elementary school to join the team and do well. Anyone can begin the journey to discovering what they can do and how much they can improve.”

  All SLOHS students should be informed about the little-known legacy of the cross country team and even consider picking up the sport themselves.

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