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SLOHS Graduates Look Back at Their Most Cliche High School Moments


 As the 2018 summer break comes to an end, San Luis Obispo High School students are beginning to prepare for the upcoming school year. Whether a new student or a returning one, we all are bound to experience at least one cliche high school moment. Expressions set out to ask some graduated seniors about their high school moments that seemed like they were straight out of a sitcom.

Expressions: What would you call your most cliche high school moment?

Graduate Kylie Haidet: On my first day at SLOHS, I was walking down the hall and someone opened a door and it smacked me right on my forehead.

Graduate Emily Lemiere: When I was a freshman, [graduates] Ella and Violet Udlock and I went off to Frank’s for lunch. [Graduate] Connor Jenson snitched on us and we got saturday school, which was [security guard] Diego Cordova’s first saturday school ever.

Graduate Spero Chechopoulos: Falling down the red stairs when I was a freshman.

Graduate Anthony Barcenas: People always thought I was older than I actually was. When I was a freshman, everyone told me I looked like a senior.

Graduate Anthony Jones: Once I didn’t turn my winter reading book back into the library and I wasn’t able to buy dance tickets.

Graduate Ella Udlock: I slipped in the mud while I was standing next to [graduate] Jacob Rodriguez. I grabbed onto him and took him down with me.

Graduate Jacqueline Munos: This senior and I were walking and I saw bird poop flying down towards us. I grabbed the girl and used her as a human shield.

Graduate Lauren Rudd: I started showing a certain teacher the same homework over and over and he never noticed.

Graduate Casey Leebrick: I was walking down to the portables and I slipped and fell backwards in the mud.

Graduate Alyssa Schlickeiser: When I had In House Suspension, we had this substitute who let us watch Netflix all day and order pizza.

Graduate Ethan Herlihy: I got pooped on by a bird.

Graduate Landon Greenelsh: [Graduate] Ludo [Stavolo] split his pants.

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