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SLOHS FFA at Mid State Fair


 On July 18, the California Mid-State Fair kicks off the two week event filled with live music, food booths, and tons of carnival rides.

 Among the attractions, members of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and 4-H are showcasing the livestock they have worked hard to raise and take care of for two months. Animals that are being shown include pigs, cows, sheep, and goats.

 Expressions talked to two San Luis Obispo High School students in FFA  about the process of showing livestock and bringing animals to fair.

Expressions: How long have you been raising livestock?

Senior Stella Boller: I have been raising livestock for seven years.

SLOHS Graduate Madi Sandoval: This is my fourth year of raising livestock.

Expressions: What animal do you prefer to raise and why?

Boller: Right now, I prefer replacement heifers because they are really sweet once you have gained their trust.

Sandoval: I prefer to raise a pig because that is the animal I have seen being raised the most, and now I am used to it so I feel like I can do it the best.

Expressions: What is the process of bringing animals to fair?

Boller: You feed and exercise the animal to make sure it is within the market or breeding weight ranges. Once at the fair, you weigh in to determine what class you would be in for market or the breeding show. Then, you show your animal by having them stand or walk a certain way to showcase their best attributes.

Sandoval: We get pigs when they are one or two months old and raise it until the time of fair. We make sure that it maintains a good weight and eats properly, if it gets sick we have to treat it with medication. We have to walk the pig to make sure it has a good living and it keeps healthy.

Expressions: How do you prepare for fair?

Boller: First you have to pick your animal, based on what the current trend is for the ideal animal. Then you feed and exercise them, as well as practice for showmanship.

Sandoval: It’s definitely mental preparation, like preparing to say goodbye to your animal. Some years I will have a pig with a really good personality and they are my best friend, and so it’s like having a dog but also a lot different. I also have to prepare to compete because it is like every other competition. Showmanship is also a part [of fair] so you just have to practice with your pig at least three times a week for hours.

Expressions: What made you want to raise livestock?

Boller: My mom really wanted me to, so I did, and I found a passion for it. It has helped me develop new friendships and learn useful life skills.

Sandoval: When I was little I saw them at the fair and I also had a friend when I was younger who raised livestock and I just thought it was a really cool thing. Once I started doing it, I loved it.


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