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Carlson’s New Fashion Line Encourages Female Empowerment.


Junior Shaan Carlson, an active member of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), a student leadership organization at San Luis Obispo High School, is preparing to compete at the state level in Fashion Design this Saturday. A dedicated student with a distinct fashion style, Carlson is known to be seen walking campus wearing a mix of designer labels and his own creations. Carlson in always eager to discuss the way that a person’s clothes impact their self confidence and experiences. Expressions sat down with Carlson to learn more about his inspiration, artistic process, and goals.

Expressions: How long have you been passionate about fashion and designing clothes?

Carlson: I have loved fashion ever since I was six. It kind of stemmed from the traveling I got to do as a kid, and even now. I’ve lived in Singapore and Dubai and other countries in Southeast Asia, and that whole metropolitan atmosphere really contributed to my love of fashion, what you wore defined who you were as a person.

Expressions: What is your style for designing clothes, and what has inspired and influenced you?

Carlson: In my design, the influence is taken a lot from history and from specific historical figures, especially very powerful women, such as queens of countries. I also take inspiration from the women in my life, so my grandmother and my mom, as well as my stepmother.

Expressions: So you mostly design clothes for women?

Carlson: Yes, women’s wear is my main focus in fashion design.

Expressions: What are some pieces you have completed recently?

Carlson: For the FCCLA competition, I am currently working on a brand that’s known as Maharani, which means “a queen who rules alone” in Sanskrit. The theme is Female Empowerment— you know how people always say, what is a queen without her king— well, historically speaking she is much more revered, much more well known, and makes much more of a difference in history.

Expressions: What is the process for creating a piece of clothing?

Carlson: First you have to sketch it out, and then you go to a fabric store and choose your fabric. You need to be very mindful of which fabric you choose because certain fabrics won’t work for certain designs. You have to consider if you want the piece to be for just for style purposes or for actual function. If you want a jacket that is functional, you’re not going to make it out of silk, because that’s not going to be able to withstand water and other things. You’re much better off making it out of nylon.

Expressions: What are some of your favorite pieces that you have created?

Carlson: I’d have to say, there was a dress that my stepmother wore to a gala in Singapore. It was white, flapper styled, and it had side slits on it, and I think that is probably my favorite piece that I have created.

Expressions: Do you hope to pursue fashion as a career?

Carlson: I definitely hope to pursue fashion as a career, I will most likely be headed to New York or London for my undergrad and postgrad, and then eventually I’ll do my masters in Paris. In terms of what I want to do; I personally want to work for a designer, especially in PR. I think that developing an image is really important if you want to succeed, especially in an industry where looks are everything. I will continue sewing through all of this, of course.

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