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Derby Devil Pilar Ortega


 Roller Derby has been an official sport since the 1930s, and has since transformed into a popular  women led activity. Many powerful leagues compete on a national and even international level. Here in San Luis Obispo we have our own mighty roller derby league. Expressions asked junior Pilar Ortega to give some insight on the San Luis Obispo Derby Devils.

Expressions: How long have you been playing roller derby?

Junior Pilar Ortega: I have been playing roller derby for three years.

Expressions: What got you into roller derby?

Ortega: My foster mom, because I saw her play during practice and games.

Expressions: Is there anyone else at SLOHS that plays roller derby?
Ortega: There is not anyone that plays roller derby at San Luis Obispo High School, but there are a lot of students from different schools, like Templeton and Arroyo Grande High School.

Expressions: Do you like playing roller derby?

Ortega: I love roller derby. My favorite part is when we go travel for games and we all get to know each other and build friendships and family.

Expressions: What’s your roller derby nickname? How did you get it?
Ortega: My derby name is “Jokestar” and my number is 703. I got that name because I’m funny and I’m a roller derby star.

Expressions: Is roller derby a girls only sport?

Ortega: My roller derby team is co-ed. For other teams it can be just girl or just guys. So no, roller derby is for everyone.

Expressions: Anything else you would like to say about roller derby?

Ortega: Roller derby is a place where you can meet new people and learn different things about the sport. I believe that roller derby is for everyone. My coach says practice makes perfect. If you want to learn to be a savage, play some awesome derby. There are so many people that love their sport for so many reasons, my reason is it helps you with challenges in life and you have a amazing time doing it.

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