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Senior Quotes, Due Friday


On Friday, hundreds of green slips will flood yearbook adviser Scott Nairne’s office, covered in quotes from different songs, movies, and celebrities. Expressions caught up with a few seniors on the legacy they plan to leave in the yearbook.

Expressions: What is your senior quote?

Senior Lindsay Haggard: I’m not sure yet, I haven’t found anything I like.

Senior J’aime Janiel: I don’t have one yet, I am too divided.

Senior Casey Leebrick: I have one, but I don’t know if it’s going to be approved.

Expressions: What quotes do you think are most memorable? Funny ones, or more serious and sentimental ones?

Haggard: I think funny ones, I think those are the ones you remember most when going through the the yearbook.

Janiel: Funny ones because the world is too serious.

Leebrick: Funny quotes because when you have one, there’s all these parameters you have to fit it into, and if you can still make it work, that’s impressive.

Expressions: Why did you choose the quote you chose?

Haggard: When I pick one, it has to make me laugh.

Janiel: Of my options, I chose them because they are so sarcastic, they are almost relatable.

Leebrick: One of them is funny, and the other is life advice.  

Expressions: Do you think that senior quotes are an important part of the senior experience?

Haggard: Yes, because you get to leave a little piece of advice to the younger students.

Janiel: Yes, because it gives you a chance to put something besides your boring old name under your picture.

Leebrick:  I think it is good to have a quote that allows you to reflect on your high school experience.

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