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The Most Active Teacher And Track Coach: Greg Ross


There are a lot of cool and active teachers at San Luis Obispo High School. One of the most energetic and popular is the Economics teacher and head coach of the track team, Greg Ross.

Expressions interviewed Ross to learn some fun facts on his life.

Expressions: Do you prefer teaching Economics or coaching track?

Teacher and coach Greg Ross: I can’t choose between those two because they are different situations and I love doing both of them. In track I deal with kids of all grades, in Economics they are all seniors.

Expressions: Which is the hardest one between track and Economics?

Ross: Track for sure, because it takes much more time. I have to coach all my weekends, it’s not easy.

Expressions: Do you think your students value sports or school more?

Ross: The difference is that in track, people are self-motivated and they always want to reach their best. In the Economic class I have to motivate them to do the best they can.

Expressions: What is your goal for the next school year?

Ross: My goal is to be a better teacher! But in my personal life, I would like to start my own company.

Expressions: Will you still teach the same classes you taught this year?

Ross: As far as I know I will teach the same classes, Economics and track.

Expressions: What was the best place you visited in your life?

Ross: It’s hard for me to choose one best place because I travelled a lot during my life and I had too many crazy adventures.

Expressions: If you should choose one, what would you choose?

Ross: I would probably say Italy. It was cool swimming in the Mediterranean and meeting beautiful Italian women. The food also is really good and I loved the museums in Florence. Every city is unique and I enjoyed it very much.

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