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Junior Cassidy Clark Defies Gravity


Aerial silks is becoming a popular activity for many San Luis Obispo High School students. Aerialists suspend themselves in midair using fabrics to complete acrobatic tricks. Junior Cassidy Clark has been performing silks for almost a year at Suspended Motion Aerial Arts Academy in San Luis Obispo. Expressions ​interviewed Clark to find out about her silk experience.

Expressions: ​What is your favorite thing about doing silks?

Junior Cassidy Clark​: I like that it is a unique thing to do. It combines flexibility, choreography, and creativity, like dance does.

Expressions: ​How much longer do you wish to continue doing silks?

Clark​: Probably at least through high school, unless something big comes up and I can’t make the commitment anymore, then I’ll stop. I really like it so I want to continue and get better.

Expressions: ​What is a goal of yours in silks?

Clark​: To learn more jumps and get more advanced. There are levels and it would be nice to be in one of the highest classes.

Expressions: ​Do you ever get scared?

Clark: ​Yes, if I’m about to do a drop. If you don’t catch it, you fall. As long as you keep your position strong then you’re fine.

Expressions​: What kind of entertainment inspires you?

Clark: ​I have always liked the circus, not the animal part, but the aesthetic of it.

Expressions: ​ What inspired you to do silks?

Clark: ​I knew a friend who did it, I saw her performances and thought it was cool.

This summer at Suspended Motion Aerial Arts Academy there will be a summer showcase although the date is yet to be determined. Come out to show support for Clark and other SLOHS students.

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